Plus: Trump asks Supreme Court to block subpoena for his tax returns |

Ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch Testifies in Trump Impeachment Hearing: Live Updates

Trump Ignored Consensus U.S. Intelligence Report in Pressuring Ukraine

Nancy Pelosi Refines House Impeachment Case Against Trump: ‘It’s Bribery’

Rep. Lauren Underwood Says Katie Hill Scandal Is What Happens When ‘Real Women’ Are Elected

‘I Never Felt Alone.’ Brett Kavanaugh Opens Up About His Confirmation Process

Here Are the 10 Candidates Who Qualified for the November Democratic Presidential Debate

Roger Stone Found Guilty of Witness Tampering, Lying to Congress

In Historic Test, Trump Asks Supreme Court to Block Subpoena for His Tax Returns

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin Concedes to Andy Beshear in Bitterly Fought Kentucky Governor’s Race

Rep. Lauren Underwood Invokes Serena Williams and BeyoncĂ© to Call for ‘Urgency’ in Stopping Childbirth Deaths

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