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Column: Hong Kong Was My Refuge, Now Its Freedom Is at Stake

Now, it is clear that China had no intention of allowing Hong Kong to maintain its unique and free way of life, writes novelist Ma Jian

Alabama to Enforce 'Chemical Castration' for Some Child Molesters

Some Alabama sex offenders who abuse young children will have to undergo 'chemical castration' while on parole, under a new law

Prosecutors Threw the Book at Julian Assange. Here’s How That Could Backfire

By choosing to aggressively use the Espionage Act, American prosecutors may have ensured that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will never see justice in the United States

In a Culture War Over the Military, Bruce Springsteen Stands Alone

While public conversation about the military tends to devolve into feverish political debate, Bruce Springsteen is a voice for the veterans

President Trump Accuses the NYT of 'Treason' for an Article His Administration Reportedly Cleared

The E.U. Is Unraveling. The Capital Gets That Better Than Most

Argentina and Uruguay Work to Restore Power After Major Electrical Failure

Mark Haddon’s Porpoise Is an Epic Hero’s Tale Buoyed by Its Heroines

‘It’s a Dark Period.’ The Stanford Expert Known as ‘Mr. Democracy’ on the Shrinking Free World

‘It’s Not the Final Battle.’ 8 Questions for Freed Hong Kong Democracy Campaigner Joshua Wong

Judaism and Christianity Both Rely on the Hebrew Bible. Why Do They Interpret It So Differently?

In HBO’s Bleak Gen Z Drama, Euphoria Is the Opposite of Happiness