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I've Helped Presidential Candidates Prepare for Debates. Here's What I'd Advise This Year's Contenders

Rather than myopically focusing on the first debate, campaigns should devise a plan to advance their message going into the fall, writes debate advisor Jennifer Palmieri

What It Was Like to Be an LGBTQ Activist Before Stonewall

Meet a member of the Mattachine Society, considered one of the earliest gay activist groups in U.S. history

Column: War With Iran Might Be More Costly Than Trump Thinks

Iran is out-gunned by the U.S. but has a network of allies and proxies that could make American interests pay

The New ‘Female Viagra’ Has Reignited a Debate Over Drugs and Female Sexuality

Vyleesi, the newest FDA-approved 'female Viagra,' raises complex questions over the role of drugs in treating female sexuality

1,060 Earthquakes Have Hit Southern California in a Month and Hardly Anyone Noticed. Here’s Why

Here’s How Much British Taxpayers Pay for the Royal Family’s Travel

An ‘Unprecedented’ Early Summer Heatwave Grips Europe as Scientists Warn More Are on the Way

Barbados Police Searching for New Jersey Couple Who Disappeared on Jet Ski

Review: Yesterday Is a Rom-Com That’s Perfectly Charming If You Don’t Look Too Closely