Why we can't lose sight of the essential role fathers play in shaping sons into men of character |

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Column: The One Thing Every Good Father Does

The challenge of helping boys find their way to a purposeful adult life is particularly fraught these days, David French writes

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Over the last hundred years, the press has made paternity testing into an alluring cultural phenomenon. Here's how it happened

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A man has died after unfurling a banner protesting Hong Kong's extradition bill on the side of a shopping mall, local media reports

Review: ABC's Charmless Grand Hotel Will Leave You Desperate to Check Out

Though it's built on a foundation of soap stalwarts, executive producer Eva Longoria's disappointing 'Grand Hotel' lacks any such presence

Alleged London Bus Attack Victim Speaks Out in Op-Ed: ‘Do You Get Outraged About All Homophobia?’

Italy’s Precarious Economy Again Threatens the E.U.

President Trump Said He Would Take Foreign Campaign Help. Here’s What Past Candidates Did in That Situation

Terence Blanchard on How Dr. John Captured the Sound of New Orleans