But it also fired up his base, Trump tells TIME in an exclusive interview |

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Exclusive: President Trump Says the Mueller Investigation Hurt His Approval Ratings

But Trump tells TIME that it also strengthened his connection with his supporters, who he believes are as angry about the investigation as he is

Watchdogs Sue Trump Administration Over Missing Notes From Putin Meeting

The lawsuit says that the Federal Records Act requires Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to preserve meeting notes prepared by State Department employees

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Before a surge in violence in 2012, Mali — with four UNESCO World Heritage sites — was one of Africa's top tourist destinations

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Losing to the Toronto Raptors could have broken a lesser team. But the Golden State Warriors are working to make sure their future is as bright as their past

Historian: The House Hearing on Slavery Reparations Is Part of a Long History of Activism

‘We Are Going On to Victory.’ President Trump Officially Kicks Off His 2020 Reelection Campaign

A 1974 Hymn Called ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ Has Become the Anthem of the Hong Kong Protests

President Trump Refuses to Apologize for His Central Park Five Ad: ‘They Admitted Their Guilt’

9 U.S. Tourists Have Died in the Dominican Republic in 2019. Should You Cancel Your Trip?

Nearly 71 Million People Have Been Displaced by War and Other Violence, the U.N.’s Refugee Agency Says

U.S. Air Quality Slips After Decades of Improvement

A Comprehensive Guide to the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry Feud, Just in Time for Their Happy Meal Reunion