August 26th
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Aftershocks Rattle Italy

Strong aftershocks rattled residents and rescue crews alike Friday as hopes began to dim that firefighters would find any more survivors from Italy's earthquake. The first funerals were scheduled to be celebrated for some of the 267 dead

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump ‘Taking Hate Groups Mainstream’

Hillary Clinton did not mince words at a rally in Nevada, where she argued that Donald Trump is "taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over" the Republican Party

Car Bomb Attack in Turkey Kills 11 Police Officers

Kurdish militants attacked a police checkpoint in southeast Turkey with an explosives-laden truck, killing at least 11 police officers and wounding 78 other people, the state-run news agency reported

Ryan Lochte Charged in Brazil Over False Robbery Report

Brazilian authorities charged Ryan Lochte with filing a false robbery report after the U.S. swimmer admitted he “over-exaggerated” his story about being robbed at gunpoint during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

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Syrian Regime Allows Rebels to Evacuate Besieged City of Daraya
Hong Kong Reports Its First Case of the Zika Virus
What Donald Trump Knew About Undocumented Workers at His Signature Tower
Cowboys' Tony Romo Leaves Preseason With Back Injury
Britain’s Economy Shrugs Off ‘Brexit’ Impact, for Now
North Korea Could Deploy Submarine Missiles 'Within Weeks'
Rousseff Impeachment Trial Gets Under Way