December 11th
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Donald Trump's Transition Team Dismisses Report on Russian Interference in U.S. Election

Donald Trump's transition team released a statement dismissing a U.S. intelligence report of foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. election

20 Police Officers Wounded by Explosion Outside Istanbul Soccer Stadium

Two explosions struck outside a major soccer stadium in Istanbul after fans had gone home, an attack that wounded about 20 police officers

Inside Democrats’ Plan to Beat Donald Trump at His Own Game

Democrats in Congress are trying a new strategy: When it comes to the economy, adopt Donald Trump's message

Colombia's Santos Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, saying it gave a boost to the "impossible dream" of ending his country's half-century-long civil war. Santos described the award as a "gift from heaven" and dedicated it to all Colombians

ISIS Militants Re-Enter Syria’s Historic Palmyra
The U.S. Is Sending 200 More Troops to Syria to Battle ISIS
France to Debate Extending State of Emergency
Donald Trump Shuts Down 4 of His Companies
Dylann Roof Laughed During Church Slaying Confession
Obama Orders 'Full Review' of Election Hacking
42% Fewer U.S. Women Are Dying of Breast Cancer
Rudy Giuliani Takes Himself Out of the Running for Secretary of State