May 27th
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CIA Director Confirms Hundreds of Russians Were Killed In a U.S. Attack Earlier This Year

CIA Director Mike Pompeo revealed during a confirmation hearing that Russian mercenaries were among those killed during an attack by U.S. special operations forces targeting pro-government Syrian forces

Paul Ryan’s Unexpected Exit Is a Warning Sign for Republicans

Paul Ryan’s departure from Congress marks a dangerous moment for his party. The Speaker was once the face of its future. Now his exit serves as a warning to House Republicans that they could well lose their majority

Mark Zuckerberg Leaves Washington With Bumps and Bruises, but Nothing Worse

During the Facebook CEO's second day in Washington, his answers were thin and repetitive. The members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee exercised little patience and were quick to call him out, making for crackling political theater, writes TIME's Nash Jenkins

A Baby Was Born in China 4 Years After His Parents Died

Four years after a Chinese couple died in a car crash, their baby was born to a surrogate. The four new grandparents have said they are thrilled

The National Enquirer Paid $30,000 for a ‘Rumor’ About Donald Trump. Then It Spiked the Story
Bipartisan Report Details Missouri Governor’s Alleged Unwanted Sexual Encounter
Mitzi Shore, the ‘Legendary Godmother’ of Stand-Up Comedy, Has Died Aged 87
Los Angeles Prosecutors Are Reviewing Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Case
At Least 257 People Killed in Algerian Military Plane Crash
Here’s Why Netflix Won’t Be Joining the Cannes Film Festival This Year
Pope Francis Says He Made ‘Grave Errors’ When Dealing With Chile’s Sex Abuse Scandal
California Deploys 400 National Guard Troops at Trump’s Request, But Not to Enforce Immigration Rules