April 25th
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China's Tough Climate Choice

Do you save tens of thousands of your own people from premature death every year? Or do you undermine global efforts to rein in greenhouse gases and adversely affect the whole planet? That's the dilemma China's leaders face as the country shifts its use of vast coal reserves to create less smog for its citizens

Japan Prepares for North Korean Missile Attack

Japanese authorities have admitted that citizens can expect a mere 10-minute warning of a North Korean missile attack. Disaster-management officials are calling for a national system of drills and for legal changes to make mandatory evacuations easier as regional tensions soar

President Trump Open to Kicking Border Wall Fight to Fall

President Trump pushed Congress to include money for a border wall in a must-pass spending bill to keep the government open this week, but he's now backtracking, saying the fight could be delayed to next fall

Arkansas Executes Second Inmate Hours After First

Two inmates received lethal injections on the same gurney Monday night about three hours apart as Arkansas completed the nation's first double execution since 2000, just days after the state ended a nearly 12-year hiatus on administering capital punishment

French Politicians Urge Voters to Reject Marine Le Pen
Elton John Cancels Shows After 'Potentially Deadly' Illness
Bill O'Reilly Is 'Sad' He's 'Not on Television Anymore'
Protesters Shut Down Major Venezuela Highway
Obama to Young Leaders: Time to 'Take Up the Baton'
Sheryl Sandberg: 'I Dread Father's Day'
Philippines' Duterte Accused in Drug Killings
Sean Hannity Made Female Guest Feel 'Uncomfortable'