This is how the FCC hopes to bring Wi-Fi to more schools |

November 23rd
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Fla. Audience Applauds Cosby

The comedian, currently enveloped in growing accusations of rape and sexual assault and a derailed career comeback, performed Friday night in Melbourne, Fla., before an adoring audience that gave him a standing ovation

FBI Watches Ferguson

Around 100 agents arrived ahead of the grand jury decision on whether to indict the police officer who shot the unarmed teenager Michael Brown

Extremists Kill 28 in Kenya

Somalia's Islamic extremist rebels, Al-Shabab singled out 28 bus passengers who could not recite an Islamic creed and were assumed to be non-Muslims

Video Shows Teacher Forcing Girl Into School Pool

Denny Peterson, who has been employed in the local school district for more than 10 years, is being charged with corporal injury to a child, after a video emerged of him attempting to pull the girl into the pool at Edison High School in August

Writer Helps Raise Thousands After Racist Remark
Quake Hits Japan
Hell on Wheels: Venice May Ban Rolling Suitcases
UK’s First ‘Poo Bus’ Rides on Human Waste Fuel
University of Virginia Contends With Outrage
Google Faces Break-Up Threat in Europe
Obama Ups the Ante in Vegas
Amazon Wants to Book Your Next Hotel