October 13th
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Democratic Showdown

The first Democratic debate Tuesday will be less a time for the candidates to spar, and more a crucial evening for all the candidates to show they are the best person to take on the Republicans in 2016—or the best person to beat Hillary Clinton

Jerusalem Hits a Boiling Point

One of the oldest cities in the world is yet again the focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with more bloodshed in Jerusalem when three Israelis and two Palestinian attackers were killed in near-simultaneous attacks

Supreme Court Weighs Life Sentences for Teens

The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether hundreds of inmates imprisoned for life for murders they committed as teenagers should have a chance to seek their freedom. Several justices also suggested they might dismiss the case on technical grounds

Marlon James Wins the 2015 Man Booker Prize

Jamaican author Marlon James has been announced as the winner of the prestigious 2015 Man Booker Prize, for his novel A Brief History of Seven Killings. The prestigious British award brings with it £50,000 (about $76,000)

Gun Shop Ordered to Pay Millions to Injured Police Officers
ACLU Sues Psychologists Over CIA Interrogation Techniques
Taliban Withdraw From Afghan City of Kunduz
Playboy to Stop Publishing Naked Pictures
Planned Parenthood Won't Take Money for Fetal Tissue
Ex-Head of Chicago Schools Pleads Guilty
Flight MH17 Downed By Russian Missile
What race has to do with cancer