October 26th
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Clinton's Lead

Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Donald Trump, polling 14 percentage points ahead nationally, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, which comes 12 days before the presidential election

What to Know About the Situation in Venezuela

Protests are heating up in Venezuela this month as President Nicolás Maduro faces major challenges from the opposition party, including efforts to pass a referendum to remove him from office and calls to put him on political trial. Here's what you need to know

Donald Trump Looks Beyond His Presidential Campaign in Final Stretch

Donald Trump is still running for president. But today he's promoting his new hotel. The shift in strategy is unconventional, but it fits a pattern for Trump, who has always combined promoting his own businesses with his political ambitions

Crews Begin Dismantling the Calais ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp

Roughly 1,900 migrants left the slum voluntarily as more than 1,200 police and government officials descended on the camp to begin tearing it down

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First Elk Spotted in South Carolina Since 1700s
It Could Take 83 Years to Close the Gender Gap: Study
Pentagon Stops Seeking Natl Guard Bonus Repayments
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slapped with Contempt Charge
Why You Should Stop Eating Egg Whites
2016 Is Deadliest Year for Migrants in Mediterranean: UN
Airstrikes in Syria Kill 17, Including 14 Children