Friend filmed Eric Garner's fatal arrest |

July 23rd
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Ukraine: Military Jets Shot Down

Ukraine announced on Wednesday that two of its fighter jets (similar to the one shown on left) were shot down over the eastern region, less than a week after a passenger jet was downed in the same area by a missile that the West claims was fired by Russia-backed rebels

Behind the Video of Eric Garner's Deadly Confrontation With NYPD

TIME talks with Ramsey Orta, whose cell-phone footage of Staten Island resident Eric Garner being held down by police in a banned technique before his death turned into a national debate

Ex-Coaches Sue Penn State

Two former assistant football coaches, including Joe Paterno's son, claim the university unfairly linked them to the Sandusky scandal and seek damages

The Immigrant Soldiers Dying for Israel in Gaza

Young Jews from across the U.S. and Europe, like Max Steinberg from California and Nissim Sean Carmeli from Texas and Jordan Bensemhoun from France, were drawn to Israel and served as 'lone soldiers' before their recent deaths in Gaza

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