The White House worries. |

May 26, 2017

By Zeke J. Miller


President Trump is in Taormina, Italy, for the final leg of his international trip at the G-7 Summit, but questions about Russia are following him there. Not that he's answering. The White House decided before the trip that Trump would not hold any press conferences—breaking with the precedent set by American presidents for decades. It allows foreign governments to provide their versions of meetings ahead of the American side, and reflects the Administration's lack of confidence in their boss. It's a calculation that Trump is more likely to do more damage speaking his mind than they are by attracting negative news coverage for keeping the president from scrutiny.

Greg Gianforte won Montana's at-large House seat in a special election Thursday, despite allegedly assaulting a reporter the night before. In his victory address, he apologized for the assault, but questions and increased scrutiny will follow him to Washington.

Trump's travel ban was blocked again by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, a more conservative court, setting the stage for a showdown at the Supreme Court—at earliest this fall. It's the latest setback for the Trump Administration on a subject that has become a lingering embarrassment of its troubled first days in office.

Kushner's inquiry. Lieberman withdraws. And the GOP's Obamacare repeal plan just got more difficult.

Here are your must reads:

Must Reads

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Meetings with Russians during the transition now part of probe [Washington Post]

Greg Gianforte, Montana Republican, Captures House Seat Despite Assault Charge
He apologized to the reporter after victory [New York Times]

How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative
Political consultant Aaron Nevins received documents from hacker ‘Guccifer 2.0’ and posted some on his blog [Wall Street Journal]

Trump Travel Ban Showdown Headed for Supreme Court
Trump administration dealt another defeat [Associated Press]

Will the Republican Health Care Bill Really Lower Premiums?
TIME's Sam Frizell on the AHCA

Sound Off

"I think he's leaning to understand the European position." — Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn on where President Donald Trump is leaning on the Paris climate accord

"We will be discussing terrorism but I think we will really in particular be focused on the North Korea problem. It's a big problem. It's a world problem and it will be solved at some point. It will be solved, you can bet on that" — Trump on his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Bits and Bites

Watch President Trump push a prime minister aside [CNN]

Kushners' Blackstone Connection Put on Display in Saudi Arabia [Bloomberg]

President Trump Says North Korea Is a 'Big Problem' That 'Will Be Solved' [TIME]

Republican Senators Say Scathing Report on Health Care Bill Makes Repealing Obamacare Harder [Associated Press]

Over 100 Iraqi Civilians Killed After U.S. Strike on Mosul Building in March, Pentagon Says [Associated Press]

Joe Lieberman Withdraws Name From Consideration for FBI Director [TIME]

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