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July 27, 2016

By Zeke J. Miller


If you only read one thing: Tuesday night was all about humanizing Hillary Clinton, as a parade of speakers paid emotional tribute to the first woman to top a major party presidential ticket. Bill Clinton's keynote address was a departure from his past barnburners, as he delivered an emotional tribute to his wife, tracing their political careers through their love story. The structure of the speech was touching, and featured the former president heaping praise on his wife, but it was also politically expedient. Clinton didn't mention Trump, nor did he tout the 1990s economics that has now been rethought in the Democratic Party amid Bernie Sanders' populist rise. There was no plug for NAFTA or discussion of financial deregulation, or a host of other personal and political controversies.

Lobbyists are back in at the Democratic National Convention after a temporary ban during the Obama era. Republicans make an impassioned appeal for Clinton. And a top Clinton ally suggests she'll flip on TPP.

We'll have more from Philadelphia this afternoon. In the meantime, here are your must reads:

Must Reads

What Bill Clinton Would Do in a Hillary Clinton White House
TIME's Philip Elliott on the uncharted waters for a former President

Democrats Launch Operation to Humanize Hillary Clinton
'She is the most famous, least-known person in the country,' aides say. [TIME]

Two Republicans Make An Unlikely Plea: Vote Hillary
Former Bush officials make the case for Clinton, TIME's Haley Sweetland Edwards reports

Hillary Clinton Named First Female Presidential Nominee of a Major Party
Sanders makes unity push in acclamation vote [TIME]

Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New Embrace At Convention
With a new policy, a taboo ends, TIME's Jay Newton-Small reports

Clinton Friend McAuliffe Says Clinton Will Flip on TPP
Then walks it back [Politico]

Bernie Supporters Storm Out of Convention in Protest
Outrage...over something [TIME]

Sound Off

"Speeches like this are fun, actually doing the work is hard" — Bill Clinton implicitly hitting Donald Trump Tuesday night

"You can’t stop terrorist attacks if you don’t share intel and you’re not going to share intel if you shred your alliances." — Tim Kaine criticizing Donald Trump Wednesday morning

Bits and Bites

Scenes of Protest and Peace from the Democratic Convention [TIME]

See Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Political Romance in Photos [TIME]

Mothers of the Movement Make Emotional Plea at Democratic Convention [TIME]

Elizabeth Banks Mocks Donald Trump’s Entrance at Democratic Convention [TIME]

Go Inside a Protest at the DNC With This 3D 360-Degree Video [TIME]

Hillary Clinton Campaign Begins Selling ‘Madam President’ Buttons [TIME]

Bill O'Reilly: Slaves who built White House were 'well-fed and had decent lodgings' [Politico]

Spy Agency Consensus Grows That Russia Hacked D.N.C. [New York Times]

President Obama on Russian DNC Hack Involvement: 'Anything's Possible' [NBC]

Grayson implodes [Politico]

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