Where Are The Best Sandwiches in the World?

From South Africa to Italy, these are the world's most delicious sandwiches

A delicate mixture of Vegemite (Australia), falafel (United Arab Emirates), donkey meat (China), prosciutto (Italy) and much, much more

The 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches
the World Has to Offer


Local chain franchises across Southeast Asia whose success is attributed to their menus’ signature item: toast with kaya, a Southeast Asian spread made of coconut and sugar

Reasons the Gatsby—a South African sandwich filled with fries, chips, beans and meat—is “damn irresistible” to locals, according to Cape Town Magazine. Among them: it costs under $10 and “it’s like heaven when you’re hungover”

Days fish vendors in northern Germany shared twists on the Fischbrötchen— a much loved herring sandwich—as part of this year’s Weltfisch- brötchentag festival

1.96 million
Facebook likes for Just Falafel, an Abu Dhabi– based fast-food chain whose signature falafel sandwiches— featuring deep-fried balls of ground chickpeas on pita—are fueling a global expansion

Minutes in a song about yakisoba-pan—a Japanese sandwich stuffed with noodles— sung during one of Japan’s most popular anime series

Estimated number of names for the hoagie—a split roll that’s commonly stuffed with salami, cheese and peppers— across the U.S. Among them: sub, hero and grinder

Average cost of chacarero, a popular Chilean sandwich made with thinly sliced steak or pork and often topped with tomatoes, chili peppers and green beans

Average cost of the zapiekanka, a halved baguette with cheese, mushrooms and meat that has recently surged in popularity with hipsters in Poland (because of its low price)

Number of jars of Vegemite sold in Australia for every one exported; the yeast extract is often served solo on bread

More fat in ground beef than in donkey meat, a popular burger ingredient in China’s Hebei Province, often served cold and topped with cilantro leaves or green pepper

Days’ wages in fines given to a Swedish police officer for trying to solicit a bribe in the form of a smorgastarta, a Scandinavian sandwich cake filled with eggs, mayo, shrimp and other seafood

Capacity of Estadio Jalisco, a football stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico, where it’s traditional to eat tortas ahogadas—a sandwich “drowned” in a sauce made from chile de árbol—during games

Number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the average U.S. kid will consume before graduating from high school

6-9 P.M.
Peak sales period for tramezzini, crustless Italian sandwiches—often comprising prosciutto, tuna and olives— that are a mainstay at Italian happy hours

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