Ebola: TIME’s Full Coverage

Since the start of the Ebola outbreak in March, TIME has covered the devastation throughout West Africa and the virus’ spread worldwide. Our Africa Bureau Chief, Aryn Baker, has reported from Monrovia, Liberia, donning full personal protective equipment while covering the doctors, nurses, and burial teams tackling the disease and its aftermath. From West Africa to Atlanta, read TIME’s full coverage of Ebola’s wrath, the brave individuals and scientists trying to stop it, and the global community’s reaction:

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Ebola in Africa

Timeline: The Worst Ebola Outbreak In History, Dec. 2013-present

As Ebola continues to ravage West Africa, follow this outbreak’s most critical moments

Liberia’s Ministry of Sound, Sept. 26

Monrovia’s musicians are taking up the call to spread the word about Ebola

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Inside A Liberian Town Under Quarantine

[video id=5BZgJwhR ]

Ebola’s Orphans Have No Where to Go, Oct. 1

Ebola’s toll includes children who lose their parents to the disease. One charity is coming up with a solution

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The Race to Stop Ebola in Africa, Oct. 2

The world reacted to Ebola far too late, when the deadly virus already took too many lives

Watch One Man’s Story Of Surviving Ebola, Oct. 2

[video id=XfeUoCr9 ]

See How a Photographer is Covering Ebola’s Deadly Spread, Oct. 2

Ebola Health Care Workers Face Hard Choices, Oct. 13

Health care workers are dying in unprecedented numbers treating Ebola patients

Nigeria is Ebola-Free: Here’s What They Did Right, Oct. 19

Nigeria has become an example of how early response saves lives

The Race to Diagnose, Oct. 23

Faster Ebola testing in West Africa may be one of the solutions to containment

World Health Organization Under Fire, Oct. 30

TIME profiles World Health Organization director-general, Dr. Margaret Chan as the agency is criticized for responding too late

Ebola in America

We’re Getting Closer to Vaccines and Drugs for Ebola, Aug. 4

Researchers are rushing vaccines and treatments that show promise in fighting Ebola

Inside the CDC’s Emergency Operations Center Tackling Ebola, Aug. 9

TIME visits the CDC’s mission hub for the Ebola outbreak response after it’s kicked until full gear

[video id=G194AmTC ]

Doctors Inside Emory’s Ebola Unit Speak Out, Aug. 10

Physicians at Emory University Hospital speak to TIME about the unit treating the U.S. Ebola victims

What Comes After Ebola, Aug. 14

There are lessons to be learned from this disease that could be lifesaving when the next virus hits

Ebola Arrives in America, Oct. 2

The West African epidemic lands stateside in Dallas

Here’s How Tobacco Leaves Are Becoming Ebola Drug Factories, Oct. 8

Ebola Panic Goes Viral, Oct. 9

America goes into panic mode over Ebola. How managing fear can give us an edge over disease

The New Ebola Protocols, Oct. 16

Ebola experts rethink the response to ensure doctors and hospitals are truly prepared

12 Answers to Ebola’s Hard Questions, Oct. 23

From hospital safety to travel bans, the facts you need to know

Watch How Ebola Has Spread Across the World

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