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The March

The March to racial justice and equality has been paved by
ordinary people taking extraordinary actions.

Warning: the content includes racial epithets and references to violence, as it draws on audio from the actual historical event.

“I am still convinced that there is nothing more powerful to dramatize an injustice than the tramp tramp tramp of marching feet” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

TIME has reimagined Dr. King's iconic 'I Have A Dream' speech for the present moment. The video features a selection of noteworthy individuals and activists reading sections of the speech, underscoring the parallels between the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's and the global non-violent demonstrations of today.

Imagine you were face to face with someone who helped organize the march on Washington...

What questions would you have?

Joyce Ladner

During the 1960s, Ladner was a part of important civil rights protests, working behind the scenes as an organizer for the March on Washington. She later became an author and sociologist, and served as both interim president of Howard University and a member of the District of Columbia Financial Control Board.

Have a conversation with Joyce Ladner, through an interactive, artificial intelligence experience, created by StoryFile. You can ask her everything you want to know about her life and work, and about how to use your voice to make change.

For example, you could ask...

Why did you become an activist?

Where were you when Dr. King gave his speech?

What was it like to work with Dr. King?

Can you sing Precious Lord?

What I can I do to help?

What was the most exciting part of The March?

Who are your heroes?

What was Dr. King's legacy?

Tips: Hold button to ask question—release button when the question appears. Remember to speak clearly.

“The time is always
ripe to do right” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

History is happening