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Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress Review: Is it Worth the High Price Tag?

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

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updated: June 27, 2024
edited by Amber Katz

When my then-boyfriend and I decided to move in together after a year of dating, we had the quintessential mattress store date. Before grabbing drinks and dinner, we stopped by a mattress store in Boston and made our way around to all the different beds and brands before landing on a Purple mattress.

At the time, we thought we needed a ‘Goldilocks’ type of mattress—not too firm, not too soft, something juuuuust right. We also decided to upgrade from our separate queen mattresses to a king to support his 6’3'' stature—and my tendency to roll around all night. I remember the afternoon as a sweet one filled with excitement and visions of the first home we would share.

Fast forward four years later, and we’re living in a home we own in Asheville, North Carolina. We’re married, we have a toddler, and our backs are hurting. We now prioritize our sleep over happy hours, we tuck ourselves in at 9:30 p.m. each night, and our mattress needs have changed since our early-dating honeymoon days. We started thinking about choosing another mattress when my husband suffered from intense, almost debilitating, back pain late into my pregnancy. We discovered he had early arthritis and nerve pain, leading to a few spine procedures for relief. His doctor also stressed the importance of a supportive mattress, and with his health a top priority, I consented to a firmer mattress.

So, when serendipitously, Stearns & Foster offered to replace our mattress a few months later, we took them up on the opportunity. Again, we headed to our local mattress store to try the line of Stearns & Foster mattresses, this time with our daughter in tow. She loved hopping on the beds while we tried to test the beds with one eye on her, ensuring she didn’t fall off. We tested our preferred sleeping positions—me on my stomach, him on his side—and ultimately picked a king-size, pillow top firm, Stearns & Foster Lux Estate.

Mattress specifications

  • Sizes: Twin Long, Queen, King, CA King, Split King, and Split CA King
  • Material: The Lux Estate mattress is designed with specialty materials, including the luxury TEMPUR-Indulge™ Memory Foam, developed exclusively for the brand for all-night pressure relief, a stretch-knit TENCEL™ cover enhanced with cooling fibers designed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable, their exclusive IntelliCoil® innersprings with precision edges for long-lasting support and increased durability, a system of ventilated coils and AirVents that allow air to move out of the mattress, increasing airflow and pulling warm air away from your body throughout the night, and comfort layers containing sustainably-sourced latex to provide a uniquely weightless-yet-supported feel.
  • Firmness: Medium, Ultra Firm, Pillow Top Soft, Pillow Top Medium, and Pillow Top Firm
  • Trial period: Mattresses purchased through Stearns & Foster directly, online, or by phone, have a 90-night trial.
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Shipping method: All mattresses, flat foundations, and adjustable bases purchased directly through Stearns & Foster receive free in-home delivery service, including shipping, delivery, set up of your new bed and removal of your old bed (if requested).
  • Price range: The Lux Estate mattress ranges from $2,899.00 for a twin long with a standard top to $6,998.00 for a split California king with a medium pillow top.
Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate pros and cons

From the first night we slept on the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate, my husband and I noticed an immediate difference. Neither of us woke up with lower back pain and we felt supported in our different sleeping positions. We also found the mattress itself visually appealing—though, of course, you don’t really see the mattress when the bed is made. Because of the mattress's depth and weight, our bed was raised higher, sometimes making it difficult for us to make the bed. We eventually switched to deeper pocket sheets. Overall, here are what we found to be the biggest pros and cons of this luxury mattress.


Comfort and support

The Lux Estate provides excellent support and pressure relief, making it suitable for different sleeping positions, particularly for back and side sleepers. The mattress features IntelliCoil innersprings and a Tempur-Indulge pillow top, which contribute to its supportive, yet plush, feel​. I was originally a little hesitant to go as ‘firm’ as we did with the pillow top firm because I was used to sleeping on a slightly plusher-style bed. However, the unique design of this mattress doesn’t make it feel like ‘sleeping on a rock’ as I had worried it would.


In my early 20s, I valued the cheapest option available for my first mattress (hello, Ikea). As I gained wisdom and built income, a quality mattress was much more important. Considering a mattress should last a decade or more, this mattress’s durability is worth mentioning. It’s constructed with high-quality materials designed to last, including a robust coil system and durable foams.

Cooling features

Blame my postpartum hormones or just a body that runs hot, but for me, cooling features are vital for me to sleep comfortably. I like a cold room, and now, with this Stearns & Foster investment, I have a cool bed, too. With a Tencel cover and air vents that help with airflow and temperature regulation, the mattress is designed to sleep cool. This makes it a good choice for hot sleepers​ like me.

Motion isolation

Though I’d be lying if I said we didn’t bicker over sleep sometimes—”Move over, you’re taking up the whole bed,” “You’re snoring again!”—this bed's design is great for minimizing sleep disruption. The Lux Estate performs well in reducing motion transfer, which is beneficial for couples who share a bed and don’t want to be disturbed by each other’s movements during the night.​



Of course, one of the most significant drawbacks is its high cost. Prices for the Lux Estate range from $2,899 to $6,998, making it a considerable investment. That said, as you get older and your body needs more support for a consistent, restful night's sleep, purchasing a mattress that will perform well for long-term health is worth it.

Lack of contouring

Our previous mattress was more memory-style, and those who prefer the feel of a traditional memory foam mattress might find the hybrid construction of the Lux Estate lacking in that deep contouring feel. It offers more bounce and less sinkage compared to all-foam models​.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate price

Within a size, prices vary for the Lux Estate mattress depending on whether you select standard or pillow top, and which pillow top you select: soft, medium, or firm. Of the three pillow tops, medium is priced higher.

  • Twin Long: $2,899-3,499
  • Queen: $2,999-$3,599
  • King: $3,599-$4,199
  • CA King: $3,599-$4,199
  • Split King: $5,798-$6,998
  • Split CA King: $5,798-$6,998
Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate design

My husband and I have been lucky to stay at many five-star hotels across six continents, both individually and together, for work and for play. Admittedly, this has made our sleeping taste a bit on the bougie side. And the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate lives up to its name: It looks like it should belong in a seaside mansion or a penthouse in Manhattan.

I chatted with Ali Bowen, the director of brand management at Stearns & Foster, and she shared that all Stearns & Foster mattresses are engineered with intentionally handcrafted construction and design. The Lux Estate Collection is designed to balance handcrafted comfort, support, and cooling.

“As for the style, we know people want a mattress that not only provides quality support but also fits their curated bedroom aesthetic,” she shared. “Our collections pair timeless design with trend-forward style to deliver mattresses people love even when they’re changing the sheets. With upholstery-grade fabrics and a luxe navy exterior, the Lux Estate marks the brand’s stamp of quality.”

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate firmness

Firmness was a big consideration for us, given my husband’s back issues and our need for more supportive sleep. While some people may rest easy on a soft mattress for most of their lives, most upgrade to a firmer mattress as they age. The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress collection is available in Medium, Ultra Firm, Pillow Top Soft, Pillow Top Medium, and Pillow Top Firm.

Bowen says the Medium and Pillow Top Medium best suit a side sleeper who wants a happy medium. “This feel will adequately support your hips and shoulders without too much ‘give’ or pressure on your joints,” she says. “The medium feel is a standard top model that offers a sturdy, tight-stitched surface for a more responsive sleep experience, compared to the pillow top options that feature an extra layer of upholstery for a more cushioned, plush feel.”

Going with an Ultra Firm or Pillow Top Firm is a better choice for stomach or back sleepers who prefer a firmer feel to help keep their spine aligned.

“Every sleeper is unique—and while these suggestions may be a helpful starting point in selecting a mattress, you know your body best,” Bowen says. “Personal preference is the most important factor to consider when selecting a mattress. While a medium feel is overwhelmingly the most popular option in the mattress world, it may still feel too plush for some, and vice versa for others.”

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate support and comfort

By far, the most standout features of the Lux Estate are the support and comfort. When you lie on the mattress, you can feel it supporting your back, side, or stomach, but not in a way that puts too much pressure on your joints or body. It’s also comfortable when sitting up in bed, propped on pillows to read or watch a show. It also does provide some spring, without being overly bouncy. Even though my husband and I have different sleeping needs and positions, we both sleep well without aches and pains compared to our previous mattress.

Bowen explains The Lux Estate line support features include their exclusive IntelliCoil® innersprings with PrecisionEdge™ Support. “The IntelliCoil’s unique design consists of a taller, more flexible outer coil that compresses more easily under light pressure to support your whole body, and a shorter, more tightly-wound inner coil that only activates under greater pressure to provide relief at pressure points,” she explains.

The IntelliCoil® works with their PrecisionEdge, a high-density innerspring border, to provide long-lasting, durable support so you can sit or sleep on the edge of your Lux Estate mattresses without it sagging over time.

My husband and I selected the pillow top feature since I found the Ultra Firm to be a little too ultra firm for my comfort. Bowen explains their pillow top features a layer of flexible micro coils positioned directly below the pillow top for extra durability to help your Stearns & Foster mattress maintain its level of comfort, support, and shape for years to come. According to Bowen, this support layer also makes Stearns & Foster pillow tops 41% more durable than traditional ones.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate performance

We’ve had our Stearns & Foster mattress for a year, and we haven’t noticed any wear and tear. And most notably, I haven’t run hot like I usually do when I sleep. Bowen says the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress provides technologies and advanced cooling features for more comfortable, cooler sleep. “When it comes to cooling, this collection offers our sustainably sourced cover made with TENCEL™, creating a soft, moisture-wicking cover to help you feel cool from the moment you lie down,” she says. “You'll also find eight champagne AirVents in this collection, helping prevent heat from building up in your mattress and allowing more opportunity for enhanced airflow throughout the night.”

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate delivery and setup

I was sent this mattress for a media review, and I received the white glove delivery experience. While I thought this upgrade was part of the perks of my career choice, Stearns & Foster offers complimentary white glove service for any order. The delivery arrived in a large truck with three men. They carefully removed our old mattress and moved it to our garage, navigating 18 steps and narrow sections. They then delivered our mattress upstairs, unwrapped it, and took the trash with them. It was a seamless experience, taking a half hour. We found them to be professional and helpful.

Bowen explains within 48 hours of receiving your online mattress order, Stearns & Foster sends it to one of their US-based manufacturing facilities. Then, one of their Master Craftsmen will carefully hand-build your mattress using the highest-quality materials available. Once complete, they’ll package your order and ship it to a local delivery partner who will reach out to schedule delivery. With complimentary white glove service, their local team will place your new mattress in the room of your choice and even remove your old one if requested. After you place your order, your new bed arrives at your home within about three weeks.

Is Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress for you? Who is this mattress best for?

As I noted earlier, the Lux Estate provides excellent support and pressure relief, so it works well for different sleeping positions—particularly side and back. The mattress features IntelliCoil® innersprings and a Tempur-Indulge™ pillow top, which give it a supportive yet plush feel​ that will appeal to most sleepers. It’s also ideal for couples, thanks to its motion isolation. If you sleep hot, the cooling features will be a plus, as well.

What sets Stearns & Foster Lux Estate apart from other mattresses?

Though I’ve only tested two mattresses, Stearns & Foster is far more comfortable, supportive, and Instagrammable compared to my previous one. First and foremost, it’s handcrafted—which makes for an impressive attention to detail. The steep price tag does come with improved technology, features, and cooling notes that have resulted in better sleep for my husband and me. While he will always have back pain of some sort, it has drastically decreased since we started sleeping on the Stearns & Foster.

We would recommend this mattress to an individual or couple who is looking to invest in a mattress that will last them many years and seek a more supportive night’s sleep. We would also recommend testing out the various types of firmness before deciding on one—and take advantage of their trial period to pick the right fit for your needs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the average life of a Stearns and Foster mattress?

Bowen says every stitch, layer, and hand-crafted detail of a Stearns & Foster mattress is made with only the finest materials to provide quality you can see and feel. “Our mattresses undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are tested beyond industry standards.” In addition, they are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

Is Stearns and Foster a luxury brand?

For more than 175 years, Stearns & Foster has been perfecting its mattresses, delivering unmatched comfort, craftsmanship, incredibly luxurious materials, and long-lasting quality you can see and feel.

Since 1846, the brand’s Certified Master Craftsmen have played a central role in elevating the creation of every Stearns & Foster mattress. In fact, it takes more than six months of training and successful certification to earn that distinction. Bowen explains that these experts oversee every stitch, layer, seam, and detail to ensure exceptional quality and comfort. More than a dozen different craftsmen work together to build each mattress, which is, in part, why it takes twice as long to make a Stearns & Foster bed.

Stearns & Foster defies the ordinary to bring stunning style to the bedding industry, paying attention to every detail. Each mattress is handcrafted with indulgent, specialty materials, making Stearns & Foster a luxury mattress brand.

Do hotels use Stern and Foster mattresses?

Bowen confirms Stearns & Foster has partnerships and placements with top-rated hotels across the U.S., including Auberge, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, Loews Hotels, Pelican Hill Resort, and Bellagio. Auberge has been using Stearns & Foster mattresses for seven years, Fairmont for 15, Ritz Carlton for 15, Loews Hotels for 10, Pelican Hill Resort for five, and Bellagio for two.

Does Stearns and Foster need a box spring?

For the best sleeping experience, Stearns & Foster mattresses should be placed on a firm solid surface. Bowen says they recommend their accompanying non-spring flat foundation. “Because Stearns & Foster mattresses are built with luxurious materials such as memory foams and our exclusive IntelliCoil®, a box spring is not required. Box spring foundations were designed to provide support and absorb impact when older mattresses with thinner profiles and less technology needed the added support from an accompanying box spring. When paired with a firm, solid surface, Stearns & Foster mattresses already have the technology built into them to provide all the support and durability you need.”

Final verdict

After experiencing increasing back pain and prioritizing sleep quality, we switched from a Purple mattress to a Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress. This upgrade provided immediate relief, excellent support, and cooling features, though the high cost and lack of deep contouring were noted as cons. The mattress’s durability, luxurious design, and practical support for various sleeping positions make it a worthwhile investment.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

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