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Miracle Sheets Review – Surprisingly Effective at Inducing Deep Sleep


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Updated May 20, 2024

When it comes to bedding, there’s no shortage on the market. A single search for “best sheets” in Google or Amazon could keep you scrolling well into the 22nd century. But finding the right sheets for your personal preference — a set that is high-quality, durable, comfortable, thermoregulating, and designed with a good night’s sleep in mind, is hard to come by.

Miracle Sheets Features

When given the opportunity to review Miracle Sheets, I was intrigued by the laundry list of features that made the brand stand out. For starters, the sheets are infused with a silver-ion technology that helps maintain cleanliness despite how often you wash them. Of course, like any set of sheets, it’s important to wash them and change them out every so often; however, these require less frequent changes than the average sheets, which is about once a week. Miracle sheets require a change three times less than the average set of sheets, meaning you’ll only have to wash these every three weeks or so—an appreciated perk for a pregnant mother of a toddler.

The positive charge that comes from the silver ions helps reduce odor-causing elements and bacteria that require you to change your sheets once a week. With these sheets, you’re supposed to feel and smell the difference after a weeks’ worth of wear and tear.

miracle sheets closed pack

Miracle Sheets are also naturally thermoregulating, meaning that they help regulate your body temperature so that you don’t run too hot or cold during the night — one of the most common culprits of night waking, especially for someone who’s body is super hormonal. 

I was happy to know that these sheets are made without harmful chemicals and hold a OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, which is top of the line when it comes to textiles. They’re made from a high-quality Supima cotton that is known for its durability since it's an extra-long staple fiber. The threads themselves are 1.5 inches while the standard for American cotton is only an inch in length. Not only is it meant to be soft, but they’re also meant to be pill resistant, which can help extend the life of any set of sheets. With a 500-thread count, these should feel luxurious and silky, but I’d expect the thermoregulating silver ions to also impact their feel.

ANTI-BACTERIAL SHEETS - Upgrade your sleep. Upgrade your life.

ANTI-BACTERIAL SHEETS - Upgrade your sleep. Upgrade your life.

The touch test

miracle sheets closed pack side

The very first thing I did upon receiving this set of sheets was take them out of their packaging and give them a good feel. Upon first touch they weren’t as soft as so many other sheets I’ve tried before. In fact, they were a bit rough. I was skeptical, but tossed them in the wash to see if that would loosen up the fabric. It did.

miracle sheets open pack

One wash and they felt smoother and a bit more flexible, especially when stretched over my queen-size bed. Like most sheet sets, this one came with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 standard pillow cases. Lucky for me—someone who needs to sleep with a minimum of 5 pillows at all times—I had some other pillow cases that matched the gray color to make my bedding look uniform. I do have to say, however, that the Miracle Sheets had a very distinct feel that was quite unique, especially when compared to my other pillow cases.

miracle sheets fitted on a bed
ANTI-BACTERIAL SHEETS - Upgrade your sleep. Upgrade your life.

ANTI-BACTERIAL SHEETS - Upgrade your sleep. Upgrade your life.

The first night’s sleep

Slipping into bed, I wasn’t super impressed with the “silky” feel that I expected

miracle sheets closed package front

from 500 thread count Supima cotton. However, the feel wasn’t rough like scratchy hotel sheets, but it wasn’t the softest or most luxurious sheets I’d ever laid on. Once I was lying in bed with my head on the pillow, I noticed I was incredibly comfortable temperature wise.

Being seven months pregnant, I’m used to random hot flashes that wake me out of my slumber in the middle of the night and I was pleasantly surprised by how stable my temperature felt right from the start—and this continued throughout the night (in fact, I only woke up to go to the bathroom—not once from being uncomfortable, which was a first in a while).

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up incredibly well rested after a night of sleep — and to feel a significant difference in my body’s temperature. This was more or less the routine for the two and a half weeks that I tested them out. I didn’t wash them during that time period and I can say that there was no odor or signs of physical wear that I would normally see after sleeping on a sheet set with my husband for more than a week.

I think the main reason these held up so well is because neither of us sweat like we normally do in the middle of the night. Without the sweat, there was less moisture and bacteria buildup on the sheets, which enhanced their longevity.

miracle sheets close up

Final Thoughts

Overall, this sheet surpassed my expectations, especially for the price. Most queen sheet sets are between $50 and $150, so the fact that these were $139 felt appropriate. While they weren’t the softest sheets I’ve slept on, or the most comfortable as far as the texture goes, their temperature-regulating abilities made up for that.

I think most adults over the age of 30 will appreciate both the fact that these significantly help cut down on sweat and bacteria build up all while not requiring a wash for at least three weeks—quite impressive.

Pros: Silver woven, thermoregulating, premium Supima cotton, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 500 thread count, only required to be washed every 3 weeks, comes in three neutral colors.

Cons: Not very soft to the touch, a little stiff and scratchy upon being taken out of the packaging, only come with two pillow cases, limited colors offered.

ANTI-BACTERIAL SHEETS - Upgrade your sleep. Upgrade your life.

ANTI-BACTERIAL SHEETS - Upgrade your sleep. Upgrade your life.

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