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Best Tech Gifts You’ll Love To Give or Get

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updated: June 16, 2024
edited by Maya Dollarhide

The world has two kinds of tech lovers: The early adopters, who are the first to test out the latest tech, and those who wait to buy the newest innovations until the technology has been proven.

I’m the latter type. I waited years to switch from Android to iPhone and carry a 13 Pro today. My family was one of the last on our block to get a Ring Video Doorbell; we’re about ready for an upgrade! My son plays games on an Xbox One and PlayStation 4, although my family also enjoys the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2. We’ve yet to upgrade to the Meta Quest 3—and that’s okay!

In essence, I want to make sure the technology I buy for myself or as gifts is tested, trustworthy, and—most of all—useful!

When I have a good vibe about a product, and it fills a unique gap, I’m happy to take a chance. My tech shopping habits range from highly skeptical to frugal adventurer. I also like items that are simple to use, so you’ll find most of the items on this list are plug-and-play, as good technology should be.

I like to think that the tech gifts I’ve given over the years have been well-received. But I’ve also enlisted the help of other experts who are tops in their field for feedback on the best tech gifts. There seem to be holidays around every turn of the calendar, so to help you shop during any season, this list of tech gifts has everything you need for any occasion at price points to fit every budget. Basically, we got you.

Our top picks for best tech gifts

Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

For anyone who hasn’t yet entered the modern era with an AI-enabled smart home speaker, or for those who could always use more music in their lives, Amazon Echo makes a perfect gift. Plus, you can always count on Alexa-powered products going on sale around various holidays, including Amazon Prime Day, making it the perfect budget-conscious gift. “The improved audio quality and smart home hub make it a great gift for someone looking to streamline their tech at home,” says tech pro Javier Muniz, CTO at LLC Attorney.

Price on publish: $64.99

Ocoopa Hand Warmers

Ocoopa Hand Warmers make a perfect gift for men, women, or virtually anyone whose hands get cold. (And isn’t that practically everyone?) Hikers, campers, and parents who spend chilly evenings on the sidelines of sports practices will love the way this cozy, ergonomic device warms your hands. It provides up to 15 hours of continuous heat with enough power to charge your phone 3.5 times. Whether I’m huddled around a campfire, enjoying an outdoor concert, or waiting in line at my local amusement park, these warmers don’t leave my pockets until summer rolls around. They make the ideal

Price on publish: $29.99

Meta Quest 2

There’s a reason the Meta Quest 2 is rated an Amazon bestseller: Durable, immersive, and affordable, this virtual reality headset brings VR fun into any home. I’ve owned one for more than two years. I’d love to say I spend hours working out to games like Supernatural and Liteboxer, but my kids are too busy playing Job Simulator to let me have a turn. Muniz agrees with me, noting, “I appreciate its powerful performance, simplicity, and value for money.”

Price on publish: $199.99

Anker PowerWave II Wireless Charger

Whether you own a newer iPhone or an Android-powered phone like Samsung Galaxy, Qi-enabled wireless chargers are practically a necessity for your home. Over my years as a tech writer, I’ve tested dozens of chargers, and the Anker PowerWave II stands out for its affordable and streamlined design. “It's universally compatible and provides fast charging -- a small but significant improvement to anyone's desk,” Muniz says.

Price on publish: $35.99

Twelve South ButterFly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger

When I’m traveling, my Anker PowerWave stays where it belongs: at my bedside. Instead, I grab my Twelve South ButterFly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger. This streamlined device, with an anodized aluminum shell (which prevents corrosion and wear), includes its own carrying bag and charges an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It also includes four international plug adapters for world travelers.

Price on publish: $129.99

Infinity X1 Rechargeable Flashlight

The Infinity X1 Flashlight 5000L is perfect for campers, hikers, frequent travelers, or anyone who wants to stay prepared for storm season and power outages. The flashlight comes with two power cores, which means you can charge it via the USB cord or run it off AA batteries. Adjust the beams from a narrow spotlight to a wide flood light. It’s a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected with such a sturdy piece of gear.

Price on publish: $54.20

Enabot Ebo SE Family Robot Camera

If you know Milo the Chonk, the famed tabby cat of Facebook Reels, you may have seen him introduce his friend, Ebo. Little did he know his staff (i.e., fur-parents) were using this innocent-looking round robot to spy on him. Ebo is the ultimate pet toy and home patrol camera with fun silicon feathers on its head to entice cats. Our ginger cat, Evie, adores Ebo. When he rests in his dock on a shelf, she promptly rolls him down for more playtime.

Price on publish: $119.00

Logitech G502 X Hero Gaming Mouse

Our pets shouldn’t have all the fun. If you’re into computer gaming, take the advice of Vlad Susanu, gaming journalist and founder of Game Clubz, to add the Logitech G502 X wireless gaming mouse to your gear. The mouse sports 11 programmable buttons, hyper-responsive tracking, and the ability to customize the weight distribution. I know - it's just a mouse,” Susanu says. “But trust me, this thing will improve your game big time. I can fine-tune it to match my exact preferences and grip style, which allows me to react and aim with lightning-fast precision.”

Price on publish: $79.99

Lorex 4K Wired Video Doorbell

I mentioned earlier that my family was looking at upgrading our older Ring doorbell with something that provides better imaging, even in low light, and—frankly—doesn’t have a cracked button. The Lorex 4K wired smart video doorbell is easy to install and the first of its kind to deliver 4K Ultra HD images. There’s no subscription required, which is another plus.

Price on publish: $179.99

Anova Precision Port Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Aspiring sous vide chefs or anyone who likes meal planning will love the compact and affordable Anova Precision Port Handheld Vacuum Sealer. Measuring just three inches squared, roughly, this handy tool has found a permanent space on the counter of my tiny kitchen and is perfect for turning bulk packages of steak or chicken into individual, freezer-ready serving sizes or sealing up leftover cheese.

Price on publish: $18.99

Soundcore by Anker Liberty 4NC True-Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

Multiple tech-savvy sources cited Apple AirPods as the best wireless earbuds around. But not everyone has an iPhone. That brings us to the Anker Soundcore line, with fit, style, and sound quality to match AirPods but compatible with Android / Samsung or iOS devices. Soundcore wireless earbuds are available at a variety of price points, and I’ve tested out many models. I like the Liberty 4NC earbuds. They cancel out 98.5% of noise for an immersive listening experience and offer fully adjustable EQ to fine-tune the perfect listening experience.

Price on publish: $99.99

House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

Vinyl records have experienced a revival not just among GenX and Baby Boomer audiophiles but today’s teens and tweens. My daughter received a House of Marley Stir It Up wireless turntable for Christmas. I like the streamlined design and she loves that she can connect it to any Bluetooth speaker to blast everything from the Arctic Monkeys to Taylor Swift with incredible audio quality. (I don’t mind, either!)

Price on publish: $249.99

Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook

As a writer, I have a penchant for stylish journals. I’m embarrassed to share how many Moleskine notebooks I have piled up in my office. But I love the convenience of being able to transfer my notes to a digital format. Enter: a Smart Notebook and Smart Pen set. If you’re not looking to spend $275 on the Moleskine version, consider the Rocketbook 6” by 8.8” Smart Notebook and compatible Pilot Pen. I can’t think of a graduate who wouldn’t love to receive this practical and affordable gift. (Also, makes a great gift for husband or wife.)

Price on publish: $36.99

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Gaming Headphones

My son, a 13-year-old gamer, said he prefers the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX Wireless gaming headset for playing Fortnite and Forza on Xbox. These headphones have lasted him longer than any set he’s had prior.

But if your gift budget is a bit bigger than the average 13-year-old boy, the pros recommend the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro headphones.

Susanu called them “an absolute must,” noting that the headphones literally block outside noise for an immersive experience. “As a competitive gamer, having crisp spatial audio that blocks out external noise is crucial. The Arctis Nova Pro headphones make me feel like I'm literally transported inside the game world,” Susanu says.

Price on publish: $349.99

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Nixplay 10-inch Smart Digital Photo Frame

The Nixplay digital picture frame is the perfect gift for newlyweds, new parents, grandparents—even passionate pet owners! The 10.1-inch frame is available in your choice of Wood, Black with Gold or Silver accents, White, Classic Black, or Classic Mat finish. Connect it to your Alexa smart home device for voice control and share photos easily with family and friends through Nixplay’s secured cloud.

Price on publish: $154.99

Nintendo Switch

Like the Nixplay, the Nintendo Switch has been with us for a while. It remains one of my family’s go-to sources of entertainment for road trips and is a great gift for kids, teens, and even recent graduates.

Marin Cristian-Ovidiu, CEO of Online Games, agrees with me. “Combining both the comfort of home gaming with the convenience of portability, it offers gamers the best of both worlds. I personally find it convenient to have when traveling,” he says. Like me, he loves the communal gaming aspect to get everyone away from their individual smartphone screens and interacting.

Price on publish: $262.96

GoPro HERO12

Another tech staple that has proven the test of time, the GoPro action camera is now in its 12th iteration and as sturdy as ever. The camera captures 5.3K and 4K video, while HyperSmooth 6.0 stabilization catches all the action, whether you’re on the slopes or the trails. It’s perfect for the athlete or action sports enthusiast in your life as a graduation or birthday gift.

Price on publish: $349.99

LIT Method Smart Pilates Bar Kit With Three-Month Subscription

Daily Peloton rides are great for cardio, but for overall health, you want to integrate training to strengthen your core. The LIT Method Smart Pilates Bar Kit offers more than 3,000 hours of classes and content, encompassing Pilates, strength training, cardio, core, and recovery, plus a Freestyle mode that lets you create your own program.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are short on space, the kit easily packs up into a handy carrying case when not in use. That’s my favorite part of this system; it offers so much more than just resistance bands in a streamlined package. You may find this system cheaper, elsewhere, but you can get it from Walmart with a 3-month subscription included.

Price on publish: $199.00

iTouch Air 4 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

In my decades reviewing tech products, I’ve tested a lot of wearables, from the earliest versions of the Fitbit to the Apple Watch 7. The iTouch Air 4 Smartwatch is one of my favorites thanks to its ease of use, stylish design, and more than 100 sports and workout options to choose from. You can’t beat the price for all the capabilities it offers. Thanks to a partnership with Jillian Michaels, the latest version comes with workouts and activities selected by the fitness pro. Along with a massage gun, this is the ideal gift for a fitness lover.

Price on publish: $49.99

Bruvi Brewer Smart Coffee Pot

I’ve owned a lot of coffee pots in my life, but I admit this was my first “smart” coffee pot. The WiFi-enabled Bruvi Brewer allows you to schedule brews in advance and order pods through the app, so you never run out. Of course, the most important thing when it comes to fresh-brewed coffee is the taste. Bruvi’s taste exceeds anything from any other coffee pot I’ve tried, from Keurig and Nespresso. It includes a water filter which means I can brew my coffee with tap water rather than using filtered or bottled water.

Price on publish: $348.00

JSAUX USB Data Blocker

Did you know that when you plug your smartphone, laptop or other mobile device into a public USB port, you could be opening that device to hacking threats? The JSAUX USB data blocker prevents that, and at a price that makes this the perfect party favor, filler for a basket of tech goodies, or a small present to pair with a gift card.

Travel blogger Amber Haggerty of explains how it works: “It's essentially a small device that you plug into a USB port (think: the back of your airplane seat) that eliminates the data wire and, therefore, access to your device. Essentially, it makes a ‘smart’ USB port ‘dumb,’” she says.

Price on publish: $9.99

Yubico YubiKey 5 NFC USB Authenticator

A traveler after my own heart, Haggerty understands the importance of cybersecurity when traveling. She recommends the YubiKey USB security authenticator to protect your devices, describing it as an alternative to using SMS for two-factor authentication. The device plugs into your phone or works via NFC transmission.

“With a YubiKey, even if someone were to hack into your email or steal your phone number, they'd be blocked from accessing your critical accounts,” Haggerty says. At just $50, this is the perfect gift for every tech enthusiast or traveler on your list.

Price on publish: $50.00

SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones by AcousticSheep

You could pay less for over-ear wireless headphones for sleep or sports. But the SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones by AcousticSheep are some of the most comfortable we’ve tried, with a great fit and excellent sound quality. The headphones come in two fabric types: one for sleeping, and one for exercise—both which are machine washable. For the light sleeper or music lover in your life, these make a great gift.

Price on publish: $99.95

Celestron Regal ED Binoculars

The Celestron Regal ED Binoculars are perfect for your favorite sports enthusiast, birdwatcher, hiker, or nature enthusiast. Equipped with 10x magnification and extra-low dispersion glass, the binoculars provide crystal-clear visuals with true-to-life colors. Well-balanced and ergonomic, the binoculars are light enough to carry on your next adventure.

Price on publish: $319.95

Celestron Starsense Explorer DX

My family and I are fans of the Celestron brand, as they provide high-quality products at an affordable price. We’ve been exploring the skies through the StarSense Explorer DX telescope. The StarSense App makes it easy to find celestial bodies using a smartphone. Although it takes some getting used to compared to a traditional telescope, the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Price on publish: $469.95

Kinisium Kini Motion Sensor Device

Perfect for VRBO and Airbnb owners who wish to protect certain rooms, closets, or other storage areas in their rental, the Kini Motion Sensor Device from Kinisium offers discreet and secure protection. The device mounts easily on any flat surface and sends an SMS alert to your smartphone within 10 seconds of detecting any tampering or movement. It’s perfect for protecting valuables, medications, or even your liquor cabinet.

Price on publish: $65.00

Soundcore Motion 300 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

When you want big sound in a small package, the Soundcore Motion 300 wireless Bluetooth speaker delivers. Teens can barely travel without music, so this makes the perfect birthday, graduation, stepping-up ceremony, or Sweet 16 gift. My son stows this portable sound system in his Sprayground backpack for bike rides. It’s durable and waterproof, so I don’t worry about it getting ruined.

Price on publish: $79.99

Koorui Portable Travel Monitor

In my home office, I use a multi-monitor setup for researching, writing, video calls, and the like. When I’m traveling, I struggle working on a single screen in hotel rooms. Then I found the KOORUI 15.6-inch portable laptop travel monitor with dual speakers and a protective cover that converts to a stand. I have recommended this monitor to nearly every writer I know. It would be a great gift for your favorite traveler, college student, or any colleague who covets a second (or third) screen.

Price on publish: $75.99

j5create USB-C Dock Dual 4K HDMI

Once I added my KOORUI monitor for travel, I realized I could also use it as a third screen in my home office. But I didn’t have enough HDMI ports on my Dell laptop to accommodate my usual second screen and a third screen.

Enter the j5create docking station or, as I like to call it, a lifesaver in a small gray box. The multi-port dock includes two 4K HDMI outputs, two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, an audio jack, and SD/MicroSD card reader, topped with a wireless charger.

Price on publish: $105.98

Ember Smart Mug 2

If you’re like me and let your coffee get cold as you get immersed in your latest project (like this giant tech gift guide!), you absolutely need the Ember Smart Mug. It sits by my side on its handy heating coaster, keeping my coffee ready for consumption at the perfect temperature. I can even charge it through my docking station. I have the 10-ounce model but I think it’s time to upgrade to the 14-ounce mug, which happens to be an Amazon bestseller!

Price on publish: $149.95

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