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Best Subscription Gifts For All Budgets and Interests

Subscription Gift

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updated: June 17, 2024
edited by Jessica Kelly

Subscriptions are great ways to “give the gift that keeps on giving,” as the cliche goes—potentially throughout the year. Whether in a box, crate, or bottle, subscription gifts are a thoughtful way to send presents without having to box them up and mail them yourself.

Over the years, my family has received many subscription presents, and we always loved the anticipation of waiting for the next box or bag of goodies to arrive—especially our kids. I like sending subscription gifts because you can curate to a certain extent what the recipient will choose with a side of surprise, as many of the boxes offer a range of themed products.

Subscription gifts offer the opportunity to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them year-round rather than just on a birthday or holiday. Of course, you can always send them to yourself, too, because who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail?

There are so many options out there we’ve created a round-up suitable for all kinds of recipients based on themes, budgets, ages and stages, and interests. Since subscription gifts are often sent on a schedule, we’ve chosen the shortest one for this article, unless otherwise noted.

Best subscription gifts for kids, tweens, and teens


This kids-of-all-ages-oriented subscription gift box is a dumping ground for hundreds of boxes for kids, tweens, and teens and can be curated by theme. You must have patience and time, but you can search by price, age, and interests like baking, pets, educational toys, games, and more. If you need help figuring out where to start when researching subscription gifts, this online marketplace brings it all together. You’ll definitely find gifts for kids here and maybe a little something for everyone else on your list.

Price at publish: Depends on the box

Raddish Kids

Kids who love the kitchen will be thrilled with these subscription gifts. Choose between baking, cooking, or global, and the recipient will receive three illustrated, step-by-step recipe guides and skill lessons, a quality kitchen tool, a creative kitchen project, an apron patch, and collectible Table Talk cards. You can order one kit as a gift or enroll the recipient in a monthly gift subscription. Each month has a different theme, so the recipes always stay fresh.

Price at publish: Membership plans for the baking club start at $23.95 monthly, plus free U.S. shipping.


When my children were little, we were gifted several KiwiCo subscription kits, which the kids loved. You can order a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, and in return, you’ll get STEAM-related projects, games, toys, art projects, and other fun items. Plus, you can choose between 9 age related subscription crates. My kids loved the Tinker Crate (our favorite was a catapult device) and the Atlas Crate (projects were thematic by country). The crates were the right mix of arts and crafts, and as my children grew older, science and technology.

Price at publish: The lowest price is $18.50 (monthly), and each kit has its own price.


If your tween or teen loves to snack (and let’s face it, they are always hungry), surprise them with a TokyoTreat subscription box. My kids loved the savory squid chips and the out-of-the-ordinary orange KitKats, and the grape gummies, too. There were over 10 treats in the box, including a can of sparkling apple soda. Japanese snacks, candy, instant ramen, anime-themed goodies, and even soft drinks are available each month—all from Japan. This box is the perfect opportunity for teens and tweens (well, let’s face it, anyone) to explore a country through its delicious food and flavors, all made with high-quality ingredients. One month, three months, six months, or 12 months are all available plans. This is a food subscription box and a global adventure all in one.

Price at publish: Starts at $35

Best subscription gifts for food lovers

Murray’s Cheese

A staple in New York City since 1962, you can now gift cheese from the comfort of your home. While you can gift a one-time cheese plate (and even select your own), I loved the Mac and Cheese Club that sends the recipient the full dish of decadent (and delicious) Murray’s mac and cheese, which will likely appeal to even picky eaters. Your recipient will receive one 32-ounce serving of Classic Mac and one exclusive specialty flavor of the same amount (just for club subscribers). All meals are ready to heat and serve, or stash in the freezer for when your loved ones need comfort food in a hurry.

Price at publish: 3, 6, or 12-months of Mac and Cheese (prices start at $56.67)


I have given this as a gift several times because I love the artisanal picks of each curated snack-filled box. My family ordered the snack subscription during the pandemic, so we could count on a surprise each month when we were all shut indoors. You can search for boxes under dietary restrictions, regional favorites, or items like a delivery of pickles, cheese, or general sweet and salty snacks. You can also design your personalized mixed box and send it as a one-time gift. These are highly curated gifts of artisan products, so the subscription window each year closes after a certain number are purchased. This is such a popular subscription gift it’s worth revisiting to see when it opens up again or send a one-month gift box of treats (like the recent Pickles of the USA box).

Price at publish: Depends on the box/subscription, prices start at around $38 per box/month

Japanese Snacks and Candy Subscription from Sakuraco

This box of Japanese treats is on my niece's wish list, and I can’t wait for them to try it out, but in the meantime I was able to try it. The beautifully presented box came with delicious strawberry milk almonds, white miso financier, peanut macarons, and more. My children loved the Yokohama Romansketch Biscuits that were almost too beautiful to eat - a light cookie with illustrations of Yokohama on it. My husband loved chocolate crunch cookies, and I was partial to the raisin sandwich cookies. Savory snacks like dried fried squid chips and wasabi crackers, plus elegant green tea, rounded out the flavors. I also received a delicate looking (yet dishwasher and microwave-safe) snack plate inspired by the art of marquetry woodwork, which originated in Hakone, Japan. The box also comes with a booklet that introduces you to what’s in your box and the places in Japan that inspired it. While you can find Japanese snack and candy subscriptions geared for younger kids, like Tokyo Treat, this is an elevated snack box that also contains small treasures, all carefully curated to each month’s theme of a location in Japan or holiday. Previous boxes have included beautifully designed chopsticks, green teas, confectionaries, and more. The boxes are beautifully packaged, and you can subscribe for up to 12 months, depending on your budget.

Price on publish: Various options ($37.50 for a one-month single delivery, $35.50/month for three months, $33.50/month for six months, $32.50/month for 12 months)

Best subscription gifts for the home

Urban Stems

Fresh-cut flowers can improve most rooms and moods, so why not give a subscription of monthly blooms? Urban Stem offers subscription flower gifts starting at $55 a month. Plus, the first shipment comes with a vase, so your recipient doesn’t have to hunt around for one. There are three tiers of subscriptions: classic, seasonal, and luxe, with classic being the most affordable. You can prepay for the subscription ahead of time and let your family and friends enjoy the fresh flowers without you having to foot the bill each month. You can pick (and prepay for) however many months you want to send, and cancel anytime. Shopping tip: For more bouquet options, see our list of the best flower delivery services.

Price at publish: Starts at $55 a month (classic), $75 (seasonal), and $105 (luxe)

Brooklyn Candle Studio

If you (or someone you know) love scented candles, a year-long subscription to Brooklyn Candle Studio will deliver one handmade candle each month (plus a box of matches to light it), so they can savor the scents of the seasons. The candles are made from 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soybeans, which means they are eco-friendly and clean candles down to their lead-free cotton wicks. Past scents have included pumpkin, cardamon, and saffron. These candles and the subscriptions are not cheap, but neither are the products.

Price at publish: $420 for a prepaid subscription for all 12 months or $210 for six months


If you need a housewarming gift that goes beyond a bottle of wine, we love this subscription to sustainable products like Swedish dish towels, non-plastic freezer trays, organic hand soap, chemical-free laundry detergent, and more. Prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months of healthy home products. When you give a subscription, the recipient will get an email, so they can redeem the gift, set up preferences for products, and learn how to use their fixes.

Price at publish: $39 (one-time payment for a 3-month subscription gift); $75 (one-time payment for a 6-month subscription); $125 (one-time payment for a 12-month subscription), plus for $20 you can add an additional gift to your subscription


This could be a great recurring gift for a homebody who loves a hot beverage while reading a book. Sold on Etsy, this subscription gift allows you to choose the genre (fiction, nonfiction, classic, memoir, mystery-thriller, romance, science fiction/fantasy, or business/self-help) and the beverage (ask for tea or coffee in the comment section). Plus, it comes with a sampling of high-quality chocolate. One, three, or six-month plans can be prepaid, so you gift and forget it, and the recipient can enjoy it without having to subscribe if they aren’t into it.

Price at publish: $47 (one month); $137 (one-time payment for a 3-month subscription); or $268 (one-time payment for a 6-month subscription)

Best drinks subscription gifts

Blue Bottle Coffee

My family and I have sent subscriptions to Blue Bottle Coffee to our highly attuned to-good coffee niece and nephew at Christmas for a few years, and it has always been a hit. Choose from blends or single-origin and have delicious, whole-bean coffee and other items, like decaf and instant espresso multi-serve, or a single-origin assortment shipped to your loved one’s doorstep. You can choose how many weeks (every week, every two weeks, and so forth), the number of months (3, 6, 9, or 12), and the quantity of beans you want to gift (12, 24, or 36 ounces). This could also be a “best subscription gift for new parents!”

Price at publish: Vary based on subscription; some start at $25 a month

Partners Coffee Roasters

My partner and I love this brand and its 100 percent sustainable sourced ingredients. My personal favorite so far is its bestselling daily brew, Brooklyn, with its tasting notes of milk chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit. The brew goes down smooth (no bitter aftertaste here) and makes our kitchen smell amazing all morning long! Partners recently created a prepaid gift subscription that will be in my gift-giving rota this year. Here’s how it works: Choose from ground coffee, beans, specialty instant coffee, or tea. Then select whole beans or ground (the latter lets you pick the type of grind in accordance to how the recipient likes to brew, from a French press or pour over, and more. Next choose the number of deliveries you want to gift. You can send your favorite folks three weeks/three months, six weeks/six months/nine weeks/nine months, or 12 weeks/12 months. Prepay, share the recipient's email and type a short gift message, and Partners will do the rest! I have personally tried Partners Cold Brew, Brooklyn, and Moroccan Mint Green Tea, and I can’t wait to try more of them.

Price at publication: Prices vary based on subscription. Three months (one delivery a month) costs $51.75, but it is worth every penny.

Monthly Mocktail Box-Raising the Bar

Cutting back on alcohol? This monthly box of ingredients for delicious mocktails can be sent to those who do and those who don’t imbibe. Each delivery of Raising the Bar includes zero-proof cocktail ingredients to craft three unique cocktail recipes and up to 12 servings, detailed instructions to help you hone your mixology game, bar tools, seasonal garnishes, and/or accessories to elevate your cocktail experience! A recipe card with tips is also included-everything your recipient needs to start a mocktail party.

Price at publish: 1 month for $70 or 3 months for $65 a box

Simple Loose Leaf

If you have a tea lover in your life, this subscription box can make a terrific gift. Send 2, 3, or 4 teas a month to your friends and family who love sipping iced or hot tea. Curated around the seasons, recipients will get a mix of black, green, and herbal teas, like blood orange, vanilla lavender, Earl Gray, and others. The box also comes with tasting notes and made-in-the-USA linen filters to help them brew a perfect cup.

Price at publish: Various, depending on the subscription plan, starts at $19.90 a month

Best subscription gifts for perfume lovers


Send sweet (and sultry) scents every month when you purchase a subscription for a friend or family member. Scentbird is a subscription service offering a wide variety of cologne and perfumes (all in handy sample sizes). You can choose 12, six, or three months' worth of products, and it comes with an 8 ml spray bottle.

Price at publish: Varies

Luxury Scent Box

Luxury Scent Box (aka LUXSB) offers a monthly supply of perfume for 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on the gift subscription you sign up for. They can choose over 500+ scents, so you know they’ll actually wear what you give them. Prepay the duration, and LUXSB will notify the lucky recipient, so they can select their favorite scent or sign up to try a new one.

Price at publish: Starts at $45 a month

Best subscription gifts for beauty lovers


This subscription gift is for beauty lovers who don’t shy away from trying new makeup and skincare products. IPSY gifts five full-sized products each month, from toners to concealers. If you want to send an IPSY gift, you will need to create a profile for the recipient and answer a short quiz, so you can make sure they receive products based on what they like. If you want to send this gift, make sure you know your friend or family members' general preferences. The full-size gifts make this beauty subscription box stand out from similar ones.

Price at publish: Starting at $13-$28, but going up from there depending on your subscription

The Detox Market

Send eco-friendly beauty products via The Detox Market’s subscription box. Offerings are chemical-free beauty and skincare items that could make the perfect gift for anyone who loves natural products. Choose from a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month subscription for items worth up to $90 in retail value. Past boxes have included haircare, eye creams, skin serums, and soaking salts, all with all-natural, clean, and cruelty-free products.

Price at publish: Subscriptions start at $58

Rent The Runway

Your fashionista friend will love getting a subscription to Rent The Runway if they don’t already have one. You can gift a membership by signing up for 5, 10, or 20 items per month and they can decide if they want to keep it up by removing your card and entering theirs. This may not be the smoothest way to send a subscription gift, but it is certainly one of the stylish ones. Dresses, pants, shirts and skirts, tops and tees from major designers, and more are all available for rent, and if someone loves an item so much, they can purchase it. Plus, dry cleaning is free, so when your recipient is done with a garment, they simply throw it in the bag and into the mail. Your card will get dinged for every month you give versus being able to prepay for a certain number of months upfront.

Price at publish: Starts at $85 for five items per month


You can gift a subscription to StitchFix by creating a style profile for your friend, entering your card, and giving their address, but this subscription fashion style service isn’t really set up for this type of gift, which is why they offer gift cards. While not technically a subscription gift, giving your friend or family member a gift card can introduce them to the StitchFix experience. This service is partnered with over 1000 brands from Theory to Madewell. The prices are relatively affordable for the garments a stylist chooses based on the style quiz provided to every member. Depending on the frequency of the boxes you order, the recipient gets five items curated for them and three days to try them on. Keep and pay for only the items you love, and send the rest back in the handy return bag with postage. Plus, when you give a gift card, the receiver can shop one-off pieces on the site (called freestyle) with a subscription.

Price at publish: Varies depending on how much you want to spend. The styling fee is $20 per box, but it’s applied to whatever you keep/buy

Best subscription gifts for travelers

The Nomadik

If you know someone who loves outdoorsy holidays like camping, a Nomadik subscription will be right up their alley. Each month (for however many you prepay), your recipient will receive a box of curated gear (based on responses from an online initial gear quiz). Choose from a quarterly or monthly subscription box designed around themes and seasons that may contain everything from clothing to wellness kits to support outdoor adventures. Among the useful supplies sent by Nomadik in previous kits included fire starters, trail mix, bar shampoo, a portable outdoor shower tank, and other packable accessories. You can also shop for one-off camping gear and gifts on the website, as well.

Price at publish: $120 each quarter; $34.99 for a monthly box

Flygirl Box

Pack your carry-on like the professionals with this subscription gift box packed with products recommended and curated by flight attendants, aka “those in the know,” about what you want and need when hopping on a plane. You can choose a mini (3 items) or deluxe (5 items) subscription box containing travel-sized (and TSA-approved) snack items, toiletry or beauty products, a suggested packing list, a suitcase or purse item, a lunch item (like a mini bento box), and a travel gadget or accessory. If you have a friend who loves to fly, this box of mini supplies may help them pack smarter and lighter for their next trip.

Price at publish: Mini box is $34.99; deluxe box is $41.99. Make sure to cancel after the months you want to gift, as you may be unable to prepay.


Gone are the days when you had to pack your paperbacks into your travel tote for your trip. Now, a Kindle and a subscription to Audible gives you (and anyone you want to gift it to) access to thousands of podcasts, audiobooks, and more. As a family of readers, we wouldn’t even consider traveling without our subscription, and we love to gift it to others. If you want to get really fancy, send them a Kindle along with it. Gifting a subscription (credits plus an Audible Plus membership) works for armchair travelers and adventurers alike. You can gift 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of credits and access to Audible Plus (a monthly membership that includes streaming and listening from the Audible Plus catalog).

Price at publish: One month of credits ($15 for the month) for an Audible subscription gets you (and the recipient) 1 credit plus Audible Plus, a monthly membership that includes access to hundreds of books for free. Prices and the number of credits increase with the months you purchase.

Best subscription gifts for home cooks

Società Bona Furtuna Subscription Box

Recommended by colleagues as a “best food subscription box,” this is a delicious way to celebrate someone you love who loves Italy. Depending on your choice of subscriptions, the recipient of this gift box will receive 5-7 Italian shelf-stable items each month like award-winning pasta, herb blends, and other Italian products. The box is beautifully curated and wrapped, with recipes included to inspire you. If you want to give a foodie an upscale box to enjoy in their kitchen, this is a great option without being overwhelming. The items are meant to complement fresh food, versus unpacking a full meal that you have to cook. You can gift a 1, 3, or 6-month subscription.

Price on publish: Gift subscription ($71-$85)


If someone you know loves baked goods, this subscription service of sweet (cookies, croissants, and loaves) and savory handmade, artisan products, like pasta and sourdough rolls, would make a home cook happy. It has everything from artisanal pasta to sourdough, and multigrain loaves in the box that can be baked in under 25 minutes in the oven. My family loves this service because it supports small businesses and bakers, and because you only find clean ingredients without the junk. Simply keep everything in your freezer until it's time to bake. A home cook who can’t find the time to bake bread or make their sourdough starter may appreciate this gift. If you don’t believe me about how delicious everything is, 20,000 five-star reviews should convince you.

Price at publish: Members of Wildgrain may send a one-time gift box, or you could sign someone up for a membership. Just remember that you will have to pay $89 per month for your gift unless you cancel.


A well-stocked spice cabinet is critical to a home cook’s kitchen. Send them raw spices each month to maintain their collection and explore new flavors from around the world. This subscription of small-batch spice blends contains 2 ounces of spices each month, so your recipient can experiment with a few flavors, but not let products overwhelm their spice rack. The subscription also includes a monthly recipe curated for the flavors of the spice. Plus, you can choose a subscription with recipes designed for vegetarians or meat-eaters.

Price at publish: Starts at $15

Best subscription gifts for pet owners

Pretty Litter

If you know a cat owner, give them a gift of litter in the mail (yes, you read that correctly, kitty litter), so they can safely do their business, and you can track their health via their urine. It may sound crazy, but this subscription for scentless (or floral, depending on your preference) kitty litter is made from Silica Gel. This material not only traps odors and keeps them from permeating throughout a home, but this litter will also change colors (specific to potential health issues), so you can be aware that your cat might need to see a veterinarian. The company states it is the world’s first “smart kitty litter,” we may have to agree, given the over 35k five-star reviews.

Price at publish: $24 a month


Do you know a “good boy or girl” pup that deserves a box of treats? If so, sign them (and their pet parents) up for a BarkBox delivery full of chewy toys, snacks, grooming products, and treats. Before you send this gift, find a little out about the pet receiving it, such as size, tastes, etc. Then BarkBox will curate their gifts based on the information provided. You can purchase a month-by-month subscription or pay for a year upfront.

Price at publish: $35 a month

Bone Box

Hosted on CrateJoy, this box of bones by Fido & Stitch will make most dogs drool with anticipation. It contains all-natural bones and chews, such as collagen chews and beef cheeks. Depending on the size of the recipient, smaller dogs receive 5-6 items, and larger dogs receive 4-5. They don’t ask about the breed, you can simply pick chew and dog sizes when you order.

Price at publish: $29.99 per month, and you can purchase 3 months at a time

What to consider when choosing a subscription gift

The length of the subscription

Subscriptions can be monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the gift. Sometimes retailers will allow you to choose the length of time the recipient will receive it, so always check that aspect of the present before you buy it. You’ll want to do this to avoid inadvertently being charged for a longer time than anticipated or for a recurring subscription that the receiver doesn’t want. In my experience, a three-month gift subscription hits the sweet spot for both the giver and the recipient.

The person or people receiving the gift

Consider who is receiving the gift, especially if it is food-related. Make sure to check about any allergies, ages and stages (if gifting to children), and/or other details about the subscription and the receiver. For example, I once gave a subscription of coffee beans to someone who didn’t own a grinder (oops), and my friend gave a candy subscription to a family that was fairly anti-sugar (oops, again). Like any gift, think about the receiver’s likes and dislikes, allergies, and other details before you send them a subscription gift.

Your budget (and recurring payments)

Subscription gifts can cost as little as under $20 a month or hundreds of dollars. Look within your budget and pay attention to any subscriptions that renew automatically. If you only want to send three months of gifts, make sure you are billed for an entire year by paying close attention to how the subscriptions are billed. Prepaying for a specific number of weeks or months is often the safest route for your bank account.

How I selected the best subscription gifts

Personal experience and interviews

I choose subscription gifts that I have personally given or received or that my friends, family, and colleagues have given or received. I looked at gifts similar to the ones I had first-hand or second-hand experience with.


I consulted hundreds of parent reviews and talked to friends and colleagues about what they think makes a good subscription gift. I also researched trends in foods and beverages, toys, and other topics to see what subscriptions continue to be popular among shoppers.


Subscription gifts can get expensive over time, so I researched a range of gifts and how often you pay for recurring deliveries to find prices that fit most budgets.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I buy a subscription gift?

You usually pay for a subscription gift online.

Do people like subscription boxes?

The fun of subscription boxes (for me, anyway) is the surprise of getting a curated gift on a recurring basis.

What are popular subscription gifts?Food, drinks, flowers and plants are all popular choices.

The information presented here is created independently from the TIME editorial staff. To learn more, see our About page.