Photograph by Paola Kudacki/Trunk Archive

Next Generation Leaders

10 rising stars who are changing the world in politics, sports, fashion and more

TIME’s new class of Next Generation Leaders, a semiannual project launched in partnership with Rolex in 2014, has so far highlighted more than 100 up-and-coming activists, innovators, artists and athletes around the world. The latest honorees range from Stormzy, the first black solo artist to headline the U.K.’s Glastonbury Festival; to Zainab Fasiki, a Moroccan feminist tackling misogyny through comics; to expectation-defying opera singer Davóne Tine. “It can be easy to feel like today’s problems are insurmountable,” says deputy international editor Naina Bajekal, who oversees the list. “So it gives me hope to spotlight the people using their voices to push for change.”

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