Nicolás Borgnino. Courtesy of AZULIK.


Tulum, Mexico

SFER IK doesn’t look like an ordinary exhibition space—and that’s the point. The Tulum location’s nestlike structure was conceived as a place where avant-garde artists could gather and envision new ways to create, inspired by their unusual environs. Made of locally sourced wood and cement, the space’s ceilings and walls are trimmed with plants sprouting along circular apertures to the world outside. Its current exhibition includes a diaphanous purple cloak suspended from the ceiling—an allusion, in part, to elevated states of consciousness by artist Bianca Bondi. Entry is free, so long as visitors agree to walk the floors barefoot. —Wilder Davies

Correction, Aug. 22

A caption in the original version of this story misstated Nicolás Borgnino's last name. It is Borgnino.

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