Top view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Craig Zerbe—Getty Images

The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon stretches across 277 miles of northern Arizona. In some places, it is more than a mile deep. That’s about three times the height of New York City’s tallest building, One World Trade Center. “It is so massive, you cannot see all of it,” says park ranger Kari Cobb. “That’s what makes this place so intriguing.” In 2019, Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its centennial. That marks 100 years since the canyon was granted national-park status. Today, the Grand Canyon attracts some 6 million visitors each year. Skywalk, a glass-floored walkway jutting over a cliff’s edge, is a big draw for many of them. There, visitors can catch a glimpse of the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon, flowing as it has for about 6 million years. —Brian S. McGrath

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