April 21, 2022 9:18 AM EDT

Artist Statement

Title: It’s time, can’t you hear it?

My name is Gavin Austin Meeler (named by my dad who wore grandpa pants with cheap blue hair dye watching WWE while I was born & on the way there listening to grunge 90s music. Decided I should be named after the lead singer from Bush “Gavin” & WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve “Austin”)

I love to create in different mediums, from pencil to paper, digital, canvas paintings, to collages. I just love making art!

As a kid I was drawn to recreating stories through my own mind. I just felt it was something I needed to do to document my thoughts. My family said I had something special, but at the same time said I needed to be practical, which I ignored. I want to explore everything I can with this short or long life I may have.

I create in 2 ways one is creating subconsciously. In this way I don’t think, I just feel something and create. The other way is methodically plan it, where I both feel & think about the piece.


Gavin is a 23 year old self taught artist from Atlanta, Georgia, US. Creating in both digital and physical formats, his art focuses on human emotions and explores life’s questions through figurative expressionism. Gavin inhales and exhales creativity, and he will never stop creating.


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