Darlene Shenier

When Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto launched Run for Something in 2017, they thought that with a little optimism and a lot of hard work, the organization could recruit 100 people to run for office. When I first met with them, it was already clear that their incredible idea was destined for much more. Sure enough, in just their first five years they’ve recruited more than 100,000 young activists, community leaders, students, educators, small-business owners, and thinkers across all 50 states to take the bold step of entering the political arena.

Running for office is really tough (I should know). It’s raw, chaotic, and hard to know where to even begin. Enter Run for Something. Every candidate has access to a mentorship program, campaign experts, and so many other tools that help bring more people into the fold and give them a foundation to build from. Those candidates put themselves out there, work their hearts out, and win elections. There’s nothing more important to a healthy, thriving, fairer, and more inclusive America than encouraging and facilitating that. Their work could not be more urgent or important, and it inspires me every time I come across these two remarkable people and the many candidates they’ve helped get elected.

Clinton, a Democrat, is a former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State

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