Adria Malcolm

Ifeoma Ozoma is as brave as she is strategic. She is surgical in her use of her time and energy to target actions that build toward systemic change. She wields an extraordinary ability to see the big picture and identify the opportunities within a complex landscape. Her approach to empowering workers and whistle-blowers depends on finding pivot points where she knows she can create a domino effect despite limited resources—and, as a result, she’s transformed California law. The Silenced No More Act, which she championed before it was signed into law last year, prohibits employers from using NDAs to silence workers on issues of harassment and discrimination. Ifeoma’s also the force behind the Tech Worker Handbook, a resource aimed at giving people the tools they need to take a stand against mistreatment in their workplaces. The handbook is so thoughtful to every aspect of that challenging experience—a testament to her empathy and her desire to help as many workers as she can. She has such a big heart, and we’re already starting to see a ripple effect because of her advocacy. The change she has driven in California is spreading throughout the country. Her impact is only growing.

Pao is a tech investor and the co-founder of the nonprofit Project Include

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