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Rina Sawayama is magnificent. She puts in the work and it is paying off in a beautiful, organic way that I deeply admire. When you have the kind of artistic integrity that she has, you can’t fail. Because she’s not competing with anyone—she’s in a league of her own. Her music is so powerful and so danceable. She has such a warm and loving energy, so it’s always great to see her. Rina’s the type of person where she could achieve world domination if and when she wants to, and I just hope more than anything that she continues to do what she loves and is afforded ample opportunities and space to do so. I don’t think we can underestimate the power that she has, serving what she’s serving on a global platform. I’m of the belief that there’s people who feel seen, heard, understood, and held by her in a way that no other artists could. She puts out so much music—including, this September, her album Hold the Girl—and she gives so much of herself to the world. So I hope more than anything that the world gives it back to her. She’s just so cool.

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