Mauricio J Calero

As I get older, I am naturally curious about the future. What will shape our culture, our stories, our collective mirrors? Within this mystery, Devery Jacobs appears with great clarity. Her voice and presence signify so much—transform so much. The truth she carries with her and the paths she opens for herself, and others, fill the world with oxygen—with life. These paths will remain open and will reverberate past my time, past her time, and into the brighter, more encompassing tomorrows we all hope for. Her character, Elora, in the magnificent television series Reservation Dogs is a giver, a caretaker (nurturing but unsentimental, wise but still unsure), and an impossibility unless inhabited by as strong a soul as Devery’s. She has an impressive résumé, but I can feel this is just the beginning. She already shines so bright, but we must prepare for what is to come: Devery Jacobs is here to stay.

Del Toro is an Oscar-winning director and producer

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