Blue Cat by Colin Egan

Artist Statement

Title: Blue Cat

Year: 2015

On Jan 16th, 2015 I took a big step towards achieving my dreams of becoming an illustrator. My whole life I’ve created characters but this was the first time I decided to go all in on a character, and this character was Blue Cat.

The Catoonist was born on Instagram as a way for me to develop the character and really experiment with where it could go. During this time I was located in Atlanta, GA and I did everything to get this character in the eyes of other people. Paintings, wood cutouts, pop-up markets, Free-Art Friday, Artist events, anything I could think of I was trying to do.

Through this process the character saw many different variations of different shapes and colors until it finally landed on the Blue Cat we know today.


Colin Egan invited Vinnie Hager to TIMEPieces. Their work is inspired by the year 2015.

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