Reach For Redemption by Gamo

Artist Statement

Title: Reach For Redemption

Year: 2119

The year is 2119, and the land is desolate and barren because our actions today will mold how tomorrow will look. With the past relentlessly pulling us back to remind us of our shortcomings, this artwork, Reach For Redemption demonstrates the will power to reach forward as a civilization. Holding on tight to a crypto-tree, with peace within reach.

Reach For Redemption serves as an optimistic paradox, in a future where we’ll rely on technology as a tool to keep us close to the precious scarcity of nature. This piece is a continuation of the turbulent year of 2019, in collaboration with All Smilesss creator, Waheeed Ahmadzai.


Gerald Jean Baptiste “Gamo” is an artist based in South Florida whose work has been featured in the NFT community (creator of PaperBag Wrld) for having art that emphasizes cultural messages and mental health.

@geregamo | @itsgamo

Gamo was invited to TIMEPieces by Waheed Ahmadzai. Their work is inspired by the year 2019.

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