The Birdman of Rwanda
The Master of the Keys
The Journalist Drawing the World
The Planet’s Plaintiff
The Skater Turned Architect
The Mixmaster of Fashion
The Online Conquistador
The Voice of a Different Generation
The Truthteller in the Eye of the Storm
The Editor of Life’s Building Blocks
The Olympic Gymnast Who Overcame a Drug-Addicted Mother
How Talent—and a Little Luck—Got Saoirse Ronan to Hollywood
Building a Phone That Can Understand Almost Any Language
A Teenaged Playwright Grows Up
He Goes Where No One Has Gone Before
She Found Out That Water Is the First Key to Development
The Clown Prince of Migrants
Fighting for Environmental Justice on the Streets of Baltimore
She’s the New Face of the Fashion World
This 15-Year-Old Girl Could Be the Best Rock Climber Ever
Challenges Are Just Part of Making It to the Top
How to Be a Good Leader and Change the World
America’s Great Gymnasts on What Separates Simone Biles From Others

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