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Kate Stayman-London’s breezy book centers on a plus-size style blogger named Bea Schumacher who lambasts the lack of body diversity on a Bachelorette-like show called Main Squeeze. Bea jumps at an opportunity to change America’s perception of fat women when Main Squeeze’s new producer approaches her about starring in the next season of the show. Stayman-London puts the reader inside the head of a woman who has been told to question her worth all her life, a feeling that will be sadly familiar to many readers. Like the reality TV it is skewering, the book is dramatic and bingeable, if a little predictable in its ultimate lessons about self-acceptance and love. Still, Stayman-London’s sharp critiques of the industry ring true: We haven’t yet had a curvy Bachelorette in real life, and the diversity of that show in terms of race, sexuality and body type leaves much to be desired.

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