José Andrés

by Emeril Lagasse
John Francis Peters

José Andrés is a culinary icon, known for his innovative and refined craft. He elevates his food to an art form that is also incredibly delicious. He is a brilliant restaurateur who has shaped America’s culinary history and course by introducing his distinctive take on Spanish food and culture.

But José is also a hero whose greatness transcends culinary excellence. His relief efforts in natural-disaster-stricken places like Haiti and Puerto Rico have had profound and lasting effects. By providing meals to people in dire and desperate situations, he not only ends their hunger—he offers them a powerful sense of hope for the future.

Beyond feeding millions in need, José empowers people and changes lives through food by starting culinary schools and building school kitchens that foster opportunities and break down socioeconomic barriers.

José is an exceptional, generous, compassionate human being. His infectious philanthropic spirit reminds all of us that no matter your craft or passion, our most noble calling as human beings is to selflessly foster hope in and chase despair from the lives of others.

Lagasse is an award-winning chef, TV host and restaurateur

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