Daniela Vega

by Michelle Bachelet
Fabrizio Maltese—Contour by Getty Images

Chile is so proud of Daniela Vega and the team that wrote and produced the movie she starred in, A Fantastic Woman, which was the first Chilean film to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The movie shows the challenges we face not only as a country but also as human beings—that is, to accept and confront the reality of transgender people in our societies. It’s urgent, and a matter of human rights.

When Daniela made history as the first openly transgender person to present at the Academy Awards, she said this onstage: “I want to invite you to open your heart and your feelings, to feel the reality, to feel love.” I also want to invite people to empathize with others and respect them, because diversity allows us to understand humanity even more.

Bachelet is the former President of Chile

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