Nyla Hayes

Nyla Hayes is the 12 year old creator of the Long Neckie Collection, which features diverse women with elongated necks inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus. She was featured in the latest issue of TIME for Kids, whose cover story explored NFT’s in an age-appropriate way, and also recently featured a TIME article on Teen Artists within the NFT space.

Check out Nyla’s feature in TIME for Kids


Long Neckie #39, 1/1 Long Neckie Collection by Nyla Hayes
Timeless Beauty #1 by Nyla Hayes
Long Neckie Lady #2881 by Nyla Hayes


What is an Artist-in-Residence?

Created to provide artists with the essentials needed to advance their careers through NFTs, TIMEPieces will select an Artist-in-Residence quarterly to develop an intimate, focused collection of art in addition to the larger initiatives featured in the Build a Better Future Genesis Collection.

These Artist-in-Residence collections will continue to allow TIME to bring art on to the blockchain that marries the artist’s signature style with a renowned TIME franchise. This extends TIME’s nearly 100-year tradition of highlighting great artists and photographers of a given era while leading the brand into new innovative spaces—in this case NFT’s and Web3.

Nyla’s collection will drop on November 17th, 2021 for holders of TIMEPieces and TIMECats.

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