Artist Statement

Title: Beard Goals

”Beard Goals” is created with the finest natural ingredients, starting with artisanal fusion of rich wavy pixels and recycled motor oil. The image is infused with a proprietary blend of betel nut and gristle to enhance your viewing experience. It will help soften the mind, repair the mood, and nourish mental hi jinx. Has been proven to reverse the itching caused by foul moods and wild rogue hairs inside the cranium. Ingredients: American hot wax, tree bark, all the nut butters we can muster, non-essential oils, toothpick eye props.

About the Artists

Marcos Sorensen is a Canadian artist enjoying the California lifestyle to its fullest. His illustrations have appeared on everything from Swatches to craft beers, and his character design for Jeeves floated among Mickey and Kermit in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

@marcos.sorensen |

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