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Artist Statement

Title: Alchemy

Before there was the science, there was alchemy, whose Great Work revolved around the perfection of the body and soul. In this piece, I’m exploring the idea of alchemical transmutation. Can that which is corruptible become incorruptible? Can that which is mortal become immortal?

About the Artist

Steve Warner is an award-winning artist and best-selling author with over 30 years’ experience in design, media production, and 3D animation. Warner’s work has been featured in top-selling video games, national advertising campaigns, popular mobile apps, and advanced military training simulations. Warner is a celebrated educator and has extensive experience in post-secondary art education.

Warner is a true iconoclast and loves challenging cherished beliefs and social norms through his art, musings, and socially awkward sense humor. Warner lives in Orlando. He is the Creative Director for Dynamic Attractions and spends his days designing and visualizing rides and guest experiences for attractions all over the world.

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