The Heart of the World by Parin Heidari

Parin Heidari is an Iranian-born multidisciplinary artist whose work speaks to the commonality of the human experience. Parin has found a welcoming community in the NFT space and before this she was a creative director.


Artist Statement

Title: The Heart of the World

Building a better future for me means having no borders, racism, and war.

As someone who was born in the Middle-East and experienced many ups and downs in my life because of the constant geo-political instability of Iran, dreaming of building a better future and having the same rights as everyone else in the first world countries is something I have been passionate about achieving my whole life. I would like to see a world in which it doesn’t matter where you were born or what color your skin is, where all languages, cultures, and ethnicities are valued the same and peace is found across borders. So far, this is what I have found in the community that is revolutionising digital art. What I have experienced in the NFT space feels borderless. I have met people of all backgrounds. The NFT world has allowed us to break down barriers and build communities.

I wanted to capture this concept when I made this piece because we all have the same blood, we are all human and we should be treated the same. If my heart beats for another, and we care about each other’s lives, the world will be a much better place.


About the Artist

I am a multidisciplinary Iranian artist, based in Italy. My focus is on ‘one-line’ drawings and contemporary portraits. During my time in Iran I studied Fine Art and later I went on to study at politecnico di Torino in Italy and graduated with a B.A. in Industrial Design and Visual communication. I have lived a multicultural life which always inspires my art. Before making NFT art as my full time job, I worked as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer for 10 years in The Netherlands, Italy, and Iran.

Since I was a kid I have always carried my sketch book with me and have become very fond of drawing daily from my surroundings. I use a single line with simple elements and colours to convey my own visualization of the deepest emotions we humans can feel and to make the complex problems simple.

The minimalist nature of a “one-line” drawing requires a lot of precision and is a perfectionist’s nightmare. Every element has its own place and intrinsic visual authority within the image. Crafting a “one-line” drawing is a visually rich and rather complex experience. It’s a process that can be painful sometimes though as I have to ultimately give something away that’s so close to my heart.

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