Untitled by Kendall "Pow Wow" Chambers

Raised in Georgia, Kendall “Pow Wow” Chambers was introduced to the world of art by his mother, who exposed them to images and works of empowerment to battle the racist oppressive environment they were in at the time. Chambers was invited to TIMEPieces by Charly Palmer.


Artist Statement

Title: Untitled

“Not a Player” Booger Bear is a recurring character in Kenfolk Art. The symbols and words are used to share wisdom. The meaning behind “Play Games Not People” is that games are necessary for brain development, creativity, innovation, and problem solving. Allowing folks to develop, play, and grow is critical for our future! The path to a brighter future is nurturing the people of the present, bringing all groups to decision making tables, and acting in the best interest of everyone.This is to happen without being shamed, cancelled or manipulated by those who view other folks’ lives as a game.


About the Artist

While living in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Kendall Chambers cultivated and developed “Kenfolk Art”. Kenfolk Art explores, documents, and examines the different aspects of indigenous American life. With this new genre, “Pow Wow” will create and learn as much as possible to make a path for others to represent themselves through the arts.

@kenfolkart | www.kenfolkart678.com

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