Frederic Duquette, otherwise known as FVCKRENDER, is a self taught digital artist currently based in Vancouver, BC. His most recent success is his FVCK_CRYSTALS// project, which is a collection of 4,169 digital crystals that grant special utility in the metaverse he has created called FVCKRENDERVERSE. FVKRENDER invited BAEIGE to TIMEPieces.


Artist Statement

Title: ALLY//

Ally is an artwork created by Fvckrender. This artwork symbolizes the future of working together to make our space better. Only time will tell the future.


About the Artist

Originally from Montreal, Fred had a job at a restaurant where he taught himself how to use 3D art software in his free time—before and after shifts. He began creating one piece of work a day – a tradition which continued for the next 5 years, which developed his skills and eventually cemented himself as one of the most successful artists in Canada. His style is unique, futuristic and mechanical yet he has never hidden the fact that his art serves as a form of self therapy. He uses his art to illuminate and thereby overcome, past traumas.

He has worked with clients such as Lil Nas X, Lebron James, Puma, Spotify, Instagram, Supreme, Christian Dior, Hypebeast and many more. His work was also featured in esteemed auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

@fvckrender | @fvckrender

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