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An Alliance to Advance Society

Partnerships are essential. When your mission is to create a better world, the odds of success are lower if you go at it alone. As strong or as smart as any one person or organization may be, joining forces with the right allies will multiply their power to bring about positive change.

In late November 2019, two of the world’s most visionary companies forged a new partnership: Palantir Technologies of the United States and Sompo Holdings of Japan. At a joint venture signing in Tokyo, they established Palantir Technologies Japan with the aim of creating positive change through technology. The company has the potential to transform government and business through a suite of advanced data integration and analytics technologies that take digital transformation to an unprecedented level.

The new venture is the first significant foray in Asia by Silicon Valley-based Palantir, the flagship company of renowned tech investor Peter Thiel of Paypal. Palantir’s Foundry platform has a roster of clients that spans the public and private sectors, and includes industries such as aviation, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics. Palantir’s Gotham platform has enabled government agencies to analyze data to deliver intelligence and forensic analytics for global safety and security.

“We have the privilege of partnering with some of the most innovative and enduring companies in the world, including SOMPO, a leader in its field,” said Dr. Alexander Karp, co-founder and CEO of Palantir Technologies. “Our joint venture investment in Japan reflects our belief that the union of industrial expertise, built over decades on the front lines of business, together with the right software will be the primary driver of economic outperformance moving forward.”

“We co-founded Palantir Japan to promote the security, health, and wellbeing of Japanese organizations and society. Palantir Japan will provide a world-class platform solution to support intelligent decision-making,’’ said Koichi Narasaki, Group Chief Digital Officer, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer, Sompo Holdings, and Chief Executive Officer of the new company.

SOMPO, one of Japan’s largest insurance and healthcare companies, is at the forefront of next-generation business methods and technologies in the more than 30 countries where it operates. The company is devoted to building what it calls “A Theme Park for Security, Health, and Wellbeing.”

Rather than merely responding after a disaster, accident, or other events, SOMPO sees its role as an architect of health and safety. It provides solutions that reduce the likelihood of accidents, illnesses, or other negative occurrences.

Palantir’s software turns massive datasets into usable assets for daily decisions. Gotham and Foundry allow analysts to detect patterns and relationships that otherwise go unseen, unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence. Imagine the ability to identify markers for disease years before they affect your health. Or envision plugging holes in cyber-defenses before hackers ever discover them.

This work is taking the promise of AI and making it operational. Gotham and Foundry are designed to enhance privacy and civil liberties. They provide the right users the secure data they need to take action.

As partners in an era of profound change, SOMPO and Palantir have pledged to work together to ensure this new era in one that will be safer and healthier for everyone.

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