In seconds, AI can generate an image of a jeep in a car crash that could be used for insurance fraud. Truepic Lens, which securely documents the provenance and alteration history of photos and videos for content creators, editors, and end viewers, makes deepfakes like this harder to pull off. The software tool authenticates the original media capture device and associated metadata, and then renders that information tamper-proof. Truepic Lens, which can be integrated into marketplaces like Airbnb and applications like Photoshop, is about carrying origin data from “glass to glass,” says TruePic’s Nick Brown. “The trail from the glass of the camera lens to the glass of the screen where someone is viewing the Truepic is what our technology allows for,” he explains. “The whole point is to restore trust.” Truepic clients include Equifax, The Antiquities Coalition, and citizen journalists.

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