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When the pandemic normalized remote work, a lot of HR tasks like onboarding and maintaining morale became complicated. But HiBob, with its Instagram-like dashboard that encourages employees to share their horoscopes and superpowers, was ready. “We were the right platform at the right time,” says Ronni Zehavi, the startup’s CEO and co-founder. Cloud-based HiBob can handle payroll processing and benefits management, includes automation features to speed up hybrid onboarding—such as scheduling specific tasks relative to both remote and on-site employees—and offers a built-in survey tool for collecting employee feedback. A feature launched this year offers managers “1-on-1” meeting templates to help strengthen employee engagement. “People are the number one asset of businesses—let’s not forget that,” Zehavi says. After raising another $150 million in funding in August, HiBob’s workforce has grown to over 700 “Bobbers,” which aligns to the company’s client sweetspot: fast-growing mid-size companies with multiple global worksites.

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