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As the planet warms, more people need air conditioners—but traditional ACs use a lot of energy and exacerbate global warming. The Gradient ($1,999, pre-order for 2023 delivery) aims to break this doom cycle with style. The system uses an electric heat pump for warming and an environmentally-friendlier refrigerant for cooling. This reduces heating- and cooling-related carbon emissions by 50% to 80%, says Gradient CEO Vince Romanin. Sleek and silent, Gradient sits below window sills, improving on loud, light-blocking window ACs without requiring any retrofitting. Users control temperature settings via a companion app. In August, Gradient won a contract with the New York City Housing Authority to manufacture 10,000 units for use in low-income apartment buildings, says Romanin. The product is currently sold out, but is available for pre-ordering and should ship before things heat up in 2023.

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