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It claims to be the world’s fastest electric car charger, but the Terra 360’s real innovation is its flexibility. The newly designed charging station can deliver a potent 360 kilowatts in different ways: a full charge to one car in 15 minutes at a highway hub, a more leisurely pace to multiple vehicles at once while drivers shop at the mall, or maybe overnight for fleet owners. “The user experience filling up a petrol car is very consistent, but in the e-mobility space, you can tune the charging experience to the site,” says Andreas Mueller, head of production engineering at the Swiss-Swedish company. The Terra 360 can charge up to four vehicles at once, allocating wattage in 90kW blocks, so a BMW i3 could draw its 50 kilowatts, with 270 for the Porsche Taycan next to it. The chargers are in operation across the Eurozone now, with U.S. installations planned this year.

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