Each year, Americans generate roughly 40 million tons of food waste—the vast majority of which ends up not in compost piles but in landfills, or down the drain. “It’s easier to throw things out in the sink than compost,” says Victor Nicolov, the mind behind Sepura ($580), an eco-friendly disposal system. “No one wants to deal with odors or the pain of having to scrape a plate into a bin.” The Sepura remedies the annoyance, turning your sink’s garbage disposal into a composting system, and making the entire process mess-free. Whereas conventional disposals grind kitchen scraps, the Sepura separates and collects solids in a stink-free, 2.6-gal. bin beneath the sink. Once full, the odorless bin is easy to remove and empty into a compost pile or collection box. Sepura expects building developers to be its system’s biggest customers, and plans to ship the first 2,000 preordered units in the early months of 2021. —J.R. Sullivan

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