There’s a beautiful—if time-intensive—method of preparing traditional matcha, which involves whisking sieved ground tea with hot water using a heated whisk in a small bowl. Cuzen Matcha ($369) gives tea drinkers the high-art tea experience via a high-tech automated system. A grooved ceramic plate grinds premium tea leaves, dispenses them into a carafe and uses a magnetic mixer to create optimum foamy matcha. Sip it cold or at room temperature, add milk over ice for a matcha latte, or pour in hot water for a “matcha Americano.” Founder Eijiro Tsukada wants to help people drink matcha with the same ease that they drink coffee, and offers a similarly convenient replacement for plastic bottled matcha. Cuzen Matcha works with a tea farm in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture to buy leaves that are only partially crushed—not ground—which makes for a smoother and fresher cuppa. —Marjorie Korn

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