Courtesy Cid Wilson

Nurturing Success

CID WILSON, whose parents came to the U.S. in 1966, started working at a brokerage for free during college. "If I'm not the best mail-room boy you ever had," he told his boss, "fire me." Soon put on the payroll, Wilson spent two decades in equity research and helped found the Dominicans on Wall Street networking group. Now he leads Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, which aims to boost Hispanics' big-business presence via advocacy and leadership training. HACR brings 650 people through its programs annually, up from 400 when he took the job in 2014.


BACKSTORY: His parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic.

EDUCATION: BS in economics from the Ohio State University.

PROFESSION: CEO, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility.

VISION: Leverage personal success on Wall Street to benefit Hispanics in the corporate world.


START EARLY. Don't dawdle in getting an internship; get in the door as a college freshman. You'll have more time to build a network and create opportunities.

USE TV. Want to land an interview? Watch 5 a.m. business shows, then call the guests before 7:30 to ask for 10 minutes of face time. "They go straight to the office," says Wilson. "You'll have a greater chance they pick up the phone."

BE REMEMBERED. Work hard to stand out—appropriately. One useful job-fair trick: Walk a potential employer out the door so yours is the last face that he or she sees.

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