Angela Dorn
Jesse Dittmar

NY Attorney Helping Low-Income Families

Angela Dorn was a successful New York attorney with a Harvard Law degree when she decided to leave the field. In 2006 she became a cofounder of Single Stop, a nonprofit that connects people with the resources they need to get out of poverty. Single Stop has since helped more than a million U.S. households, with $3 billion in support. Dorn spoke with Real Simple about hard work and changing dreams midstream.


  • Chief legal officer of Single Stop, a national nonprofit that connects low-income people with financial help, counseling, training, and legal support to help break the cycle of poverty.
  • Based in
 New York City

What was your childhood like? 
I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. My family was one of the few families of color in the community. I guess
 I’d say my parents were suburban activists. They created a Black Parents Association 
to promote the interests of kids of color at the local school. My child- hood was great, but when my parents stood up for what they believed was right, there was pushback. My father received harassing phone calls. A cross was burned on our lawn. We got through it. I think that led to my interest in civil rights. 
I wanted to be a lawyer from a very early age.

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