Emily Soto

It’s ALL in his head. What’s so disarming is that the complex jigsaw puzzles and character studies and subtle political/sociological statements seen in his films—including 2022’s Glass Onion—come out of someone with such an outwardly nerdy, gentle demeanor and cackling laugh. He is prolific AF. His voice and ambition and execution are old-school and new wave all at the same time. His mind is as sharp as a knife and, like an onion, you get more flavor and depth with each layer peeled. Nobody else gives audiences both what they know they want and what they don’t know they want at the same time quite like Rian. Every movie he’s made is warm and funny and loves its characters and their histories. Who else that has made genuinely great noir, sci-fi, and mystery films—not to mention the best Star Wars movie—can say that? No one. Hedunnit!

Curtis is an author and Oscar-winning actor

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