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“If this is Lorne Michaels’ office, where’s the popcorn?” That question was the beginning of my understanding the genius that is Questlove.

In 2008, I was starting Late Night and had a meeting with the Roots, in hopes that they would consider being the show’s house band. I met with them in Lorne’s office (since I didn’t have an office at the time) and Questlove goes, “If this is Lorne Michaels’ office, where’s the popcorn?”

That got me. Any comedy or SNL fan knows that Lorne always has a basket of popcorn in his office. And I knew immediately I had just made a friend. Not only is he a musical encyclopedia but also a comedy nerd and one of the most creative people I’ve ever met.

We’ve been working together ever since, and we’ve made almost 3,000 shows together. In that time, he’s also written six books while releasing incredible albums—and this past year made an amazing documentary called Summer of Soul that won every award you can think of.

When he was editing it, I remember him being nervous that it wasn’t going to get into Sundance, nervous that no one was going to buy the movie. Then I remember him winning Sundance—and suddenly not only Sundance, but also a Critics Choice Award, a BAFTA, an Oscar.

Now everyone wants to know what Quest is going to do next. Better get some popcorn because you’re gonna want to see this.

Fallon is an Emmy Award–winning comedian and the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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