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At a time of extreme and growing income and wealth inequality, the working class of this country is courageously fighting back and telling billionaires and the most powerful corporations on the planet that they cannot have it all.

There’s no greater example of the growing grassroots movement for economic justice on the job than the creation of the Amazon Labor Union, led by Christian Smalls and Derrick Palmer. Despite having very few financial resources as an independent union—and facing intense union-busting tactics that the National Labor Relations Board has deemed illegal­—they rallied workers to defeat one of the largest corporations in America.

What they did is nothing short of historic. It sends a powerful message to the working class of this country that now is the time to stand up to corporate greed and demand better wages, benefits, and working conditions. The Amazon Labor Union’s victory on Staten Island could well be the beginning of a resurgent and powerful trade-union movement in this country which will improve life for all working Americans. Thank you, Christian and Derrick.

Sanders, an independent, is a U.S. Senator for Vermont

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