Andy Cross—The Denver Post/Getty Images

More than an extraordinary artist and a true musical genius, Yo-Yo Ma is proof of love and life. His gift to us is his music wrapped in a blanket of kind understanding that transcends all boundaries: ethnic, geographic, political, class and genre.

The sounds he brings through his cello teach us to listen, feel, care and act. His music takes us to a safe place and then inspires us to do the good and right that he knows is in the heart of humankind. This year, recognizing our need for this during the COVID-19 pandemic more than ever before, Ma began posting video performances to social media with the hashtag #SongsofComfort, encouraging others to join him. Soon the hashtag was populated with performances by James Taylor, Carole King, the Indigo Girls and many more artists. Ma brought them together to bring us together. Every time he shares his music, it is a master class in love.

Wonder is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer

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