Alanna Hale—The New York Times/Redux

Gabriela Cámara is one of those chefs who is more than a chef—she is a Renaissance woman on the front lines of our industry, fearlessly forging a path toward the more perfect society she envisions.

Through her visionary career, Gabriela has become one of Mexico’s leading culinary diplomats, both in spirit and in practice. Not only does she run two of the most iconic kitchens on the continent—Contramar in Mexico City and Cala in San Francisco—offering the very best of her cultural heritage, she is also an adviser to the Mexican President, showing by example how food can have an impact far beyond the walls of a restaurant kitchen.

People ask me about the role of chefs in the 21st century, and I would look no further than Gabriela for the answer. She leads from the front at her restaurants, putting social justice first and advocating for those whose voices are too often marginalized. She walks the walk.

Andrés is a chef and the founder of World Central Kitchen

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