Most Influential People2019


By Daddy Yankee
Puerto Rican singer Ozuna
Vincent Tullo—The New York Times/Redux

I still clearly remember the chamaquito who came to my recording studio to ask me to be on a remix to his song “No Quiere Enamorarse.” His name was Ozuna, and what got my attention was his tenacity, his sublime and unique voice, and his drive. He was fearless to ask a superstar to be part of his record. He gave me this vibe—I saw a reflection of myself in my beginnings. I could see he had the power to become a star.

Since then, Ozuna has experienced a lot of success, most recently with his hit album Aura and single “Baila Baila Baila.” And I’m proud of what he has become. Imagine a shoeshine boy all grown up. That is Ozuna. He shows kids that anything is possible—that you can become a global star if you work hard enough. He is a great competitor, a good friend, and he never hesitates to give back to his community. And even though he has broken records, he has the spirit to be bigger.

Daddy Yankee is a Grammy-nominated musician