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Pierpaolo Piccioli

By Frances McDormand
Fashion Desinger Pierpaolo Piccioli
Erik Madigan Heck—Trunk Archive

A glorious mask of floating feathers. A delicate armor of black and gold lace. A revived 1970s pattern of bold lipsticked mouths. Acid yellow Birkenstocks on my happy feet for the Oscars. Pierpaolo Piccioli escorted me across the threshold from clothes to fashion. Our friendship has been built on our mutual appreciation for the way celebratory costume can be interpreted for a living, breathing human life. His reign in the House of Valentino has been a lesson in grace. He feels no need to erase the past but builds on its foundation and by doing so makes the future of the house stronger, braver. His inclusionary vision is evidenced by the way he honors the craftspeople in his atelier and shares a meal with them after the couture events. And. He is a great dancer!

McDormand is an Oscar-winning actor