Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Robert Lopez Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Frozen Songwriters) TIME 100
Therese + Joel for TIME Songwriters Lopez and Anderson-Lopez at home in Brooklyn.

They told the world to "Let It Go"

As soon as Bobby and Kristen told us that they were working on the songs for Frozen and what the movie was about, we knew it was a perfect fit. They are both completely steeped in the traditions of Broadway musicals, but they’re really smart and would never be happy just regurgitating what’s come before. And while we know they write for themselves and their peers, they also have two little girls who they definitely had in mind.

Matt has a 3-year-old daughter who is obsessed with Frozen, and he hears the song “Let It Go” about 50 times a day. It’s like some of Bobby and Kristen’s musical DNA is going right into her — and little kids around the world.

They really hit it with “Let It Go,” which won the Oscar for Best Original Song. It’s a perfect example of everything we tried to do on Team America and South Park — and with Bobby on Book of Mormon. It’s catchy and familiar and yet new. It’s that perfect mix where a songwriter can get a song you’ve never heard before stuck in your head in 30 seconds. We couldn’t be happier for them, but maybe just a little more happy for Kristen.

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the creators of South Park and co-created The Book of Mormon with Lopez

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