Ice Spice

Ice Spice Kevin Mazur—TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management
Kevin Mazur—TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management Ice Spice

What is there to say about the woman who raps, “How can I lose if I’m already chose”? Whatever you or I may think about Ice Spice doesn’t really matter. A higher power has ordained the Bronx native as the heir apparent of hip-pop, and she has no intention of letting go of that tiara. Haters be damned. This year mobs of adoring fans, performances around the globe, viral hit songs, and top-tier co-signs from Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj proved her ascendancy. With lyrics like “I’m thick because I be eating oats,” it’s clear that Ms. Spice is tapped into a higher plane than the rest of us. I once met the famed redhead at a photo shoot. In a room full of stars, she was the baddie I wanted to sit with the most. Consider me a member of the Spice Cabinet, somewhere between paprika and cumin. Ice Spice is the people’s princess … and she knows it.

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