Jesus Martinez⏯

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Artist Statement

Title: Universal Love

This piece represents and is a reminder music is a universal language of love. Every human soul interprets the frequencies and wavelengths in music and art differently.


Jesus is a Mexican-American NFT artist. He is one of the first Latino NFT artists to be covered by the mainstream media locally, nationally, and internationally.

Following a stint at Disney where he unlocked the art of building narratives and mentored by academy award winning writers/producers. He’s now making waves and has sold his NFTs around the world on premier platforms such as SuperRare or NiftyGateway. His NFT artwork is sought by celebrities, public figures, institutions, banks and more.

He cares most about machine intelligence for good, philanthropy, art, music, and social impact causes.

Jesus used to sell flowers in the streets of Los Angeles to make a living as a child with his family.


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